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Want to shut down free speech? Just threaten some violence.

Posted by sanityinjection on September 9, 2009

Another sad milestone in the destruction of free speech at America’s top universities. The occasion this time is a new book by a Brandeis University professor, Jytte Klausen, about the now-infamous “Muhammad cartoons” which appeared in a Danish newspaper in 2005 and sparked riots by offended Muslims around the world.

Klausen’s book, The Cartoons That Shook the World,  is due to be published next week by Yale University Press, which unsurprisingly is owned by Yale University. However, Yale decided at the last minute to remove the actual cartoons themselves – the subject of the whole book – from the book. Yale’s explanation was that the sole reason for the removal of the cartoons was the fear that their publication would lead to more violence by offended Muslims. (Never mind that the same cartoons have been reprinted multiple times in various publications around the world without incident.)

Think about the precedent being set here. Intellectual content can be censored and all it takes is a reasonable expectation that some whack jobs might start a riot over it. Believe me, there are anarchists out there who would be only too happy to start a riot over any content you’d care to censor.

There is a big difference between reasonable and unreasonable restrictions on expression to prevent violence. A reasonable restriction, for example, is requiring neo-Nazi and anti-Nazi demonstrations to occur in different locations or at different times. Everybody still gets to have their say, just not right in each other’s faces.

Chief among those who pushed for the censorship was CNN/Newsweek columnist Fareed Zakaria, a member of Yale’s Board of Directors: “As a journalist and public commentator, I believe deeply in the First Amendment and academic freedom,” Zakaria said. “But in this instance Yale Press was confronted with a clear threat of violence and loss of life.” So now we have authors advocating the censorship of other authors. If I were to threaten to set fire to the CNN offices the next time Zakaria is interviewed, should CNN ban him from the airwaves?

Ironically, one of the main points that Klausen makes in her book is that the riots over the cartoons were not spontaneous expressions by ordinary Muslims but were deliberately orchestrated by groups already interested in provoking violence.

Score one for the terrorists thanks to the sniveling cowards at Yale.


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Brief comments on Israel’s action in Gaza

Posted by sanityinjection on January 5, 2009

I have no doubt that there will be plenty of opportunities in 2009 to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian issue in depth, so I’m not going to do that now. But I did want to briefly comment on the current military action by Israel in Gaza against Hamas.

Consider this: If a terrorist group were firing rockets from foreign soil into the US and killing civilians indiscriminately, would we take seriously calls for “restraint” in retaliating against the perpetrators? It simply is not rational to expect Israel to sit by and do nothing while their people are murdered. Thus I feel the Gaza action is entirely justified.

That having been said, it would behoove the Israelis to be as surgical as possible in their strikes. I know that’s not easy because the terrorists deliberately use civilian areas and homes as a shield for their attacks. But it is nevertheless true that every time Israel blows up somebody’s house that wasn’t a terrorist, they create new terrorists. Over the past half-century we have seen the Palestinian population become increasingly radicalized by poverty and deprivation of civil rights (for which their fellow Arabs are largely to blame.) It will become impossible for Israel to negotiate peace if there is no one left to negotiate with.

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But nobody cares, because they’re black?

Posted by sanityinjection on September 4, 2008

CBS 2 Chicago reports that over the summer of 2008, more people were shot and killed in the city of Chicago than the number of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined over the same period. 123 Chicagoans were killed, while only about 118 soldiers lost their lives.

Where are the protesters demanding a halt to this senseless violence? Where are the Code Pink wingnuts chaining themselves to the doors of the crack houses that serve as recruiting stations for Chicago’s street gangs? Why are the lives of these victims, often women and children who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, less deserving of outraged attention? Where are the convention protesters marching with homemade signs that read “GANGS OUT OF CHICAGO”?

Surely it can’t be true that the Left is content to let our cities remain deathtraps as long as it’s just blacks, Hispanics and Asians killing other blacks, Hispanics, and Asians…can it?

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The ugly face of political protest

Posted by sanityinjection on September 2, 2008

I am appalled at the criminal behavior going on in St. Paul, Minnesota under the guise of protesting the Republican National Convention. As with any protest event, the majority of protesters are doing what they are supposed to – giving speeches, holding signs, signing and dancing and peacefully expressing their dissent. However, there is a darker side to these protests that ranges from disrupting traffic and blocking access to public facilities, to acts of vandalism and violence. Look at the photos and ask yourself if the people with their heads and faces covered remind you more of gang members than of political protesters:

If what they are doing is so noble, why are they too cowardly to show their faces? Hippies since the days of Henry David Thoreau have been willing to be arrested and imprisoned in support of their causes, but these thugs would rather destroy property, injure people and then run away like the cowards they are. How can you use violence to protest a war?

When fanatic lunatics bomb abortion clinics, the right wing must disavow and condemn it. I am waiting for the left wing to disavow and condemn these bullies and thugs.

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