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Obamawatch: Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General

Posted by sanityinjection on January 7, 2009

I cannot be the first, but let me be one of those to congratulate President-Elect Obama on his nomination of Sanjay Gupta to be the country’s next Surgeon General.

The pick is being derided in some quarters of the media because of the semi-celebrity status Gupta enjoys as a CNN correspondent, Time Magazine columnist and host of his own show. The fact that he is also young and good looking doesn’t add to his gravitas. However, Gupta is also an accomplished neurosurgeon.

But the reason I am very supportive of Gupta’s candidacy is his demonstrated history of insisting on truth and accuracy even when that puts him at odds with the politically correct. For example, how many public figures have the guts to tell the truth about smoking: that like anything else, the danger to your health lies chiefly in the degree and duration to which the behavior is indulged? Gupta has. He’s also challenged the lies and distortions of demoagogues such as Michael Moore:

It is vital that American public policy in areas that touch on science be guided by those who are not afraid to embrace scientific fact in all cases, rather than those who would selectively pervert science as a club to be wielded in pursuit of a predetermined political agenda. In this light, Sanjay Gupta represents the best of his profession. I hope he is confirmed overwhelmingly.


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