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Veto message WIN!

Posted by sanityinjection on October 28, 2009

This totally made my day.

Whenever a Governor (or the President) vetoes a piece of legislation, he or she does so in the form of an official letter to the legislature. Usually the letter will explain the reason for the veto, which gives the legislature the opportunity to modify the bill to address the concerns that led to the veto.

Nothing particularly exciting about any of that. However, a veto letter recently issued by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is made of win. The veto came on a bill filed by San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano. Ammiano had rudely interrupted and heckled the Governor at an event a few weeks ago and had subsequently taken the podium to blast him at length. Of course, since the event was a Democrat fundraiser (which Schwarzenegger had inexplicably been invited to), one wonders what kind of reception the Republican Governor was expecting to get.

Apparently it didn’t sit too well with the Governator, because this is the veto message he issued to Ammiano’s bill:

If you read that and didn’t spot the win, take a look at the first letters of each line of the text.

Juvenile? Perhaps. But also clever, and perhaps effective. There are some people who will never respect you unless you demonstrate that you can fight back. After getting the letter, Ammiano’s office issued a statement saying “We will call it even and start with a clean slate with the governor from here on out.” Clearly, they got the point.

Thanks to Breitbart and the Associated Press for this gem.


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