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Coach fired for winning??

Posted by sanityinjection on January 26, 2009

You must have heard about this one by now.  The girls’ basketball coach of a private Christian high school was fired after his team beat a rival school by the score of 100-0.

 More specifically, after school officials at Covenant School apologized for drubbing their helpless victims that badly, coach Micah Grimes was fired for publicly saying he didn’t think he or his team had done anything wrong.

Think about this for a second. Shouldn’t the coach of the *losing* team be the one getting sacked? I mean, if you score *zero* points in a basketball game, it’s not just because the other team is amazingly good. It’s because you suck. You could put me and my friends on the court against the Boston Celtics and I bet we’d manage to score at least one basket in the course of a full game.

Sure, there is an argument that once you are up by 50 points, you should try not to run up the score. I don’t know whether Grimes put his “scrubs” in at that point or not. But even if he didn’t, that’s hardly a firing offense.

You can also argue that Grimes was fired for insubordination – publicly contradicting his employers. But I would argue that Grimes was sticking up for his players. They should not be made to feel by their school authorities that they did something shameful in playing a good hard clean game of basketball. On the contrary, they probably did their opponents a favor by revealing the depths to which their basketball program has sunk. Maybe they can make changes now and become a better team, or move to a league where they can be more competitive.

Something tells me Micah Grimes is not going to be on the unemployment line for very long. People who do their jobs too well usually aren’t.


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