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Is this Palestinian man ordinary, or extraordinary?

Posted by sanityinjection on July 14, 2008

A truly amazing story. I would love to see this documentary if I can:

I don’t know if I could have done what Ismail Khatib did, were I in his place. The story serves as a good reminder that we can always choose to look at a situation in more than one way. Khatib, no doubt, wanted to bring some kind of positive meaning to the tragic stupidity of his son’s death. One response might have been to join a militant group, or give money to those who would exact revenge for his son’s death by wreaking random violence on Israeli civilians (“the enemy”.) Instead, Khatib chose to see the people helped by his son’s organs not as citizens of the government that killed Ahmed, but rather as parents in danger of losing their own sons and daughters, a tragedy he could prevent. I’m sure Khatib did not set out to make some grand political statement about living together in peace (Had it been possible to donate his son’s organs to a Palestinian hospital serving Palestinian patients, he probably would have done so.) But sometimes what is needed to effect change is not a great and glorious vision, but simply the wisdom to embrace an opportunity when it arrives in your path.

The story also should remind us that the majority of people in every country simply want to be able to live, work, and get an education for their children in peace. Sometimes the people with guns who yell the loudest make it hard to remember that.

Yikes, I’m starting to sound like a hippie!

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