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Obamawatch: New efficiency watchdog post

Posted by sanityinjection on January 7, 2009

President-elect Obama has announced the appointment of Nancy Killefer as Chief Performance Officer, a new White House post created to act as a watchdog on federal spending and efficiency.

Never let it be said that our new President does not have a sense of humor. If you’re concerned about overspending, creating a new top-level administrative position isn’t the most self-evident way of reducing spending. Especially as Obama is busily crafting an economic stimulus plan that is projected to cost between $775 billion and $1.2 trillion, which he acknowledges is going to make the deficit worse. If Killefer really wants to do her job properly, her first report should be one criticizing the President’s stimulus plan 🙂 Expect this position to be more style than substance. The White House Office of Management and Budget is already perfectly well suited to handle concerns about efficiency and spending – in fact, that’s exactly what it was originally intended for.

 I feel compelled to point out that the last President who had a “Chief Performance Officer” was Bill Clinton, although the position was a decidedly unofficial one, and it led to his impeachment.


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