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Just stop, Madonna. For the children’s sake.

Posted by sanityinjection on March 31, 2009

In the news this week, Madonna is back in the African nation of Malawi trying to adopt another child.

Yes, another. Readers will remember that Madonna adopted her youngest child, 3 year old David, from Malawi. Now she wants to add a 4-year old Malawi girl to her menagerie, which also includes her biological kids Lourdes (12) and Rocco (8).

Madonna claims that she wants to make sure David mantains a relationship with his roots in Malawi. Thus, she took him to visit his biological father while pressing her case to adopt the girl, Chifundo “Mercy” James. Problem is, Mercy has plenty of extended family in Malawi who are happy to take care of her.

Which leads us to the question: Won’t somebody put a stop to this lunacy?

Nobody should be allowed to adopt a child that has family willing to take care of them. Yes, Madonna is wealthier than the Malawians, but will she love Mercy more than her own family does? Will she spend as much time with her as they would while she is jet-setting all over God’s creation? What about the fact that, having recently divorced her husband, she would be raising four kids by herself? With plenty of paid staff to help, of course. What a loving environment.

It should be obvious to everyone that Madonna is pursuing this adoption to assuage her own emotional insecurities. She may think she is “rescuing” a child from an impoverished country, but she’s not. There are plenty of orphans in the world she could adopt who have no family, but Madonna specializes in taking children away from their families. If she were any other woman she would be instantly recognized as an unfit mother.

The best thing for all parties concerned would be for Madonna to concentrate on being the best mother she can be to the kids she already has. If she isn’t getting enough love from three kids, adding a fourth is not going to fill the void inside. Unfortunately, when you are rich and powerful, nobody has the guts to slap you out of your own delusions.

So who will suffer most? I’d say it will be her boys, Rocco and David. Neither will be new and interesting to Madonna once she has a new toy to play with. Lourdes at least is old enough that her mother can relate to her somewhat as a person in her own right.

Thus, my plea: Madonna, no one can stop you but yourself. Please stop this foolishness, and get the counseling you so obviously need. For your children’s sake.

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Above all, make sure the children suffer.

Posted by sanityinjection on March 31, 2009

The latest idiocy to come out of the Middle East reaches us from ABC News. It’s the story of Wafa Younis. Ms. Younis is an Israeli Arab who three years ago established a youth orchestra called “Strings of Freedom” in a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank city of Jenin. So far, so good.

Then last week, Ms. Younis brought her orchestra of Palestinian youths to Israel to perform before an audience of Holocaust survivors. Also good, right?

Apparently not. Certain Palestinians, including residents of the refugee camp, have a problem with this because they refuse to acknowledge the Holocaust as long as Israel continues to oppress their own people, and it seems that some of the youths’ parents complained they were not fully informed of the nature of the performance.

So for starters, Ms. Younis is not being allowed back into the camp to lead her orchestra – allegedly for her own safety. That lie is exposed by the fact the orchestra’s rehearsal studio has been boarded up and the instruments confiscated by camp authorities.

Only in the Middle East would an orchestra performance be considered a crime. Of course the ones who suffer are the children, who had no idea they were doing anything “wrong” and now will no longer get to play their instruments. Orchestral conductors are not exactly floating around the West Bank so it will be hard to find a replacement for Ms. Younis, and that is bad news for kids who don’t have many opportunities available to them.

I fail to understand any ideology that forces its own people, and particularly its children, to suffer for what it considers to be the crimes of others. Leadership of that sort is a curse on the Palestinian people that goes far beyond anything the Israelis are doing to them.

As far as I am concerned, Wafa Younis is a humanitarian and a hero who should be honored by both Israelis and Palestinians. But that would be a different world than the one we, and the children of the Jenin refugee camp, live in.

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