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Obama Administration considering setting terrorists free inside the U.S.!

Posted by sanityinjection on March 20, 2009

No, I am not exaggerating. The individuals in question are 17 Uighurs, a Muslim minority group from China. They have been held at Guantanamo because they were at Tora Bora with al-Qaeda, and when Tora Bora was attacked they fled to Pakistan with al-Qaeda where they were apprehended.

Before President Obama took office, the government determined that these men do not qualify as enemy combatants. The Uighurs claim that they bear no animosity toward the US. Their main target is China, and they belong to a Muslim terrorist group that is fighting the Chinese government.

Normal procedure would be to send them back to their country of origin. But the US knows that if we send them back to China they will be tortured and possibly killed. So what do we do with them? 5 other Uighurs have been accepted by Albania, presumably the most dangerous ones. Since no other country has been willing to accept the remaining Uighurs, the Obama Administration is considering setting them free here in America, since they do not seem to pose a threat to US national security.

Does anyone else think this is a tremedously bad idea? For starters, we don’t want any Muslim terrorists here in the US, no matter who their enemy is. Our nation should not be a haven for Hamas, Islamic Jihad, ETIM (the Uighurs’ organization) or any other group to plan and carry out attacks on other nations.

Second, this would essentially be granting these men permanent residency in the US because of their terrorist activities. What a slap in the face to all those peaceful, law-abiding people who want to come to the US but have to wait because of our immigration quotas! If only they had thought to become terrorists before applying.

Not for the first time, one is left wondering whether the Administration has any idea what it is doing from one day to the next.

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Canadian to Border Patrol: Manners cost nothing

Posted by sanityinjection on March 4, 2009

The Canadian National Post brings us the tale of Desiderio Fortunato, who was pepper-sprayed by US border patrol agents for refusing to obey their orders unless they said “Please”:

My first comment is that I see no reason why Border Patrol agents should not be polite and use words like “Please” and “Thank You”.  However, as some of the comments posted on that story stated, ultimately the Border Patrol is issuing orders, not requests. If you find fault with their manners, you can complain to their superiors, but you can’t refuse to do what they say.

Furthermore, I think America’s patience with folks like this self-admitted “stickler for courtesy and respect” has worn thin after terrorists rudely and discourteously murdered thousands of our citizens. Perhaps if Mr. Fortunato were a stickler for tough immigration controls in Canada itself, the US-Canadian border wouldn’t need to be as vigilantly guarded.

My final suggestion is that we make use of Mr. Fortunato’s expertise in the area of politeness and good manners by sending him on an all-expenses paid, one-way trip to Al Qaeda headquarters in Pakistan, so that he may educate the terrorists on how to more politely and respectfully blow sh*t up. But first, in order to prepare him for that, we should send him to French-speaking Canada so he can learn what real rudeness is like!

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