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Spanish judge exposes hypocrisy of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez

Posted by sanityinjection on March 1, 2010

Honestly, sometimes I think I could write a whole blog just about Venezuela’s strutting thug of a caudillo, Hugo Chavez. I’m sure others have done just that. Whether it’s trying to rule Honduras through one of his bullyboy stooges or declaring that the United States somehow deliberately engineered the Haiti earthquake as a pretext to take over that country, Chavez is a headline news writer’s dream – always good for some copy.

 For now, let me just comment on one aspect of Chavez’ foreign policy. As even the most casual follower of international issues knows, Chavez casts himself as the chief opponent of the United States in the Western Hemisphere. Everything in Latin America is the fault of US imperialism, according to Chavez. Chavez reserves particular spite for neighboring US ally Colombia. Relations between Venezuela and Colombia have deteriorated drastically since Chavez gained power. Chavez frequently accuses the US of planning to invade Venezuela with Colombian help to overthrow him, while at the same time denying accusations that Chavez’ Venezuelan military and intelligence services have provided aid to the FARC rebels in Colombia.

In fact, it is Chavez, and not the United States or Colombia, who is actively engaged in attacking other nations by funding and training rebels and terrorists. Support for this comes from a judge in faraway Spain, whose recent indictment accuses Chavez’ government of not only harboring terrorists from Spain’s ETA and Colombia’s FARC, but actually presiding over explosives training involving both groups.

Of course, allegations of this type have been coming from the US and Colombia for a while now, but this comes from an essentially neutral source (personal friction between the Spanish King and Chavez notwithstanding.) It will be much harder for Chavez to brush this off as US propaganda, though it is unlikely to have any direct consequences.

Meanwhile, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, which has members from Argentina, Brazil, and Chile as well as the US, has issued this 150-page report detailing the systematic way in which Chavez has undermined democracy, freedom, and human rights in his country. Again, not new information, but when you put it all together in one place it’s a staggering condemnation. The Commission, of course, like its parent group the Organization of American States, is toothless, but in Chavez’ world, sometimes propaganda counts for a lot. It is getting harder and harder for Chavez to present himself and his government as victims when the evidence is mounting that they are the victimizers.


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The 2009 Clown Awards

Posted by sanityinjection on December 30, 2009

As the year winds to a close, I thought I would present the 1st Annual Sanity Injection Clown Awards to the public figures who have behaved like the biggest clowns in 2009:

Scary Clown: The Scary Clown Award goes to Venezuela’s Thug-In-Chief, Hugo Chavez. While Chavez’ antics may seem ridiculous from afar, they are a very serious thing indeed if you live in Venezuela or one of its neighbors. Between periodic claims that the US and Colombia are planning to attack, and gradually stripping Venezuelans of their judicial, speech, assembly and property rights, there’s never a dull moment with Chavez the Clown. Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before the audience at this circus is not allowed to leave.

Embarrassed Clown: The Embarrassed Clown award goes to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Sanford the Clown couldn’t just have a simple extramarital affair like a normal politican. He had to have one on another *continent*, and compounded his mistake by not trusting any of his staff with the truth so they could cover for him. This is one of those circus acts where you just cover your face with your hands rather than watch.

 Too Many Balls In The Air at Once: This award goes to Tiger Woods – and I’m not talking about golf balls. Woods’ stupidity lies in not in his decision to screw every bimbo in the Western Hemisphere, but in his decision to get married in the first place. Had he remained single, Woods’ busy sex life would never have been an issue. Now he’s managed to alienate his fellow golfers and some of his sponsors. As a result, the Tiger Woods Show will be taking an extended hiatus – sorry circus-goers, no refunds.

Chatterbox Clown: Was there any doubt this award would go to Vice President Joe Biden? Almost every month the White House has had to do damage control because of Biden the Clown’s inability to keep his mouth shut. Biden’s eruptions wouldn’t be such a concern if he wasn’t so frequently on a different page than the official White House positions. Nevrtheless, the Biden circus never fails to entertain the audience.

Sad Clown: It wasn’t long before Richard Heene’s tears proved to be the tears of a clown, when it was discovered that he and his wife’s anguish over the supposed dangerous balloon ride of their son Falcon turned out to be a faked stunt designed to secure the Heenes a place on reality TV. The real tears should be shed for Falcon, both for having to be raised by parents with such warped values, and for having been named “Falcon”. The best thing about the Heene Circus is that it is over.

Angry Clown: I have to go with Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on this one. Although Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is arguably as much or more of a clown, and the one who got Khamenei in trouble to begin with, Khamenei’s angry rants are truly clownish in their obvious attempts to blame everything from torture and killings of protesters to the regime’s dogged pursuit of nuclear weapons on the US and Israel. Has anyone ever seen this guy smile or say anything nice about anybody? Furthermore, Angry Clown’s behavior has alienated more and more of Iran’s Muslim clerics, on whom he ultimately depends for the legitimacy of his rule. What once looked like a routine political protest could now well be heading for full-fledged civil war.

Finally, I apologize for the startling omission of Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA). Since this blog adheres to general standards of acceptable language, I am not at liberty to write exactly what type of clown I believe Congressman Frank to be, though if you are familiar with the Congressman, you can probably guess – it begins with the letter “a”.

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Venezuela takes another step toward Soviet-style totalitarianism

Posted by sanityinjection on August 3, 2009

A few months ago I posted about the similarities between Nazi Germany under Hitler and the current regime in Venezuela under its strutting thug of a President, Hugo Chavez. Now comes word that Chavez has taken the next step in his gradual march toward Soviet-style communist totalitarianism: He’s forcing the closure of independent radio stations.

The excuse for the closures is that the stations’ broadcast licenses were not renewed. Of course, his government is the one that refused to renew them on the grounds that the stations had strayed from their mission to “serve the people”, which is code for adhering to the pro-Chavez propaganda line. Chavez’ goal is obvious – he wants to make sure that the only opinion that can be heard in Venezuela is his opinion, and the only facts Venezuelans will have access to are the ones he approves of – or invents.

Maybe Chavez should hire some of the sycophantic toadies at ABCNews to work in his socialist media paradise?

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OBCNews: ABC becomes the Obama Broadcasting Company

Posted by sanityinjection on June 17, 2009

One of the most important differences between a free democracy like the United States and a sham democracy such as Russia is the presence of a vibrant, free and independent media. In Russia, most media outlets are either owned by or controlled behind the scenes by the government. This creates an atmosphere in which free elections are impossible because government opponents are never given equal opportunity to present their views.

In the USA, we have never had a state-controlled media. Even PBS and NPR, which receive some government funding, are wholly independent in terms of their programming. However, that is about to change.

In a step that is without precedent in the modern era, ABCNews plans to turn its entire news operation into a mouthpiece for the Obama White House to use to advocate for the President’s version of health care reform. The plans include anchoring the nightly news from the White House, a one-hour prime time “town hall” with the President in which questions will be stage managed in advance by ABC, and slanted coverage on Good Morning America and Nightline. No opposing viewpoints will be featured.


The Republican National Committee has understandably protested, demanding that the network either offer equal time to the opposition, or require the Democratic National Committee to pay for the airtime as with a campaign commercial. ABCNews has rejected the complaints as unfounded.

This may be a ratings move on ABC’s part, since their ratings are in the toilet and President Obama remains a figure of great interest to many Americans. Regardless of the network’s motivations, however, this level of media sycophancy is dangerously close to what we see in places like Russia, and Venezuela where President Hugo Chavez uses state-run television to harangue his subjects for literally hours on end. ABC simply cannot squirm away from the fact that their plans are designed to promote one side of a political issue that is of major importance to the nation.

Now, if this were a Republican Administration, ABCNews would instead be doing a prime-time special on the firing of  government inspector Gerald Walpin for investigating Obama’s political supporters for misuse of funds.

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Venezuela = Nazi Germany; Chavez = Hitler

Posted by sanityinjection on February 9, 2009

Yes, I realize these are  audacious statements. But the facts support the conclusion. Venezuela under dictator Hugo Chavez is more like Nazi Germany than any other regime since World War II, with the possible exception of the USSR under Stalin.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that Venezuela resembles the very first years of Nazi Germany in the mid-1930s. Consider:

  • Both regimes claimed to be the protectors of the working class
  • Both regimes nationalized key industries
  • Both allowed the forms of democratic elections to continue while utilizing paramilitary terrorists and secret police to enforce a de facto dictatorship
  • Both regimes actively promoted anti-Semitism
  • Both regimes focused on a foreign power (Russia for Germany, the US for Venezuela) as a scapegoat for the nation’s problems
  • Both regimes deliberately created a cult of personality around their leaders
  • Both regimes sought to destabilize neighboring states and bring to power leaders friendly to their interests

In fact, the only significant difference between Venezuela and Nazi Germany is that, with the exception of some minor squabbling about border lines, Venezuela has not adopted an ideology of expansion at the expense of other South American countries. Also, Venezuela hasn’t started slaughtering people wholesale yet – but neither did Nazi Germany for the first several years.

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