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“Progressive”policies are failing the real-world test

Posted by sanityinjection on February 9, 2010

In a great piece, Matt Welch, the editor of the libertarian magazine Reason, analyzes the so-called “progressive” policies of the Obama Administration and explains why they are failing both in the foreign and domestic realms. Essentially, Welch argues that it has been so long since progressives have been in power that their ideas have not had to meet the test of being applied to the real world. He also neatly disposes of the canard that the person of George Bush was the greatest obstacle to international cooperation and world peace: “No amount of international do-goodism is going to prevent countries from acting in what they perceive to be their own self-interest.”


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Goodbye, George Bush

Posted by sanityinjection on January 20, 2009

Today is also the day that America says good bye to President George Bush. Some have been waiting for this day breathlessly for eight years.

It is hard to know how history will judge Bush’s Presidency. It seems unlikely that he will ever be considered a great President. But perhaps the passage of time will allow some of the positive aspects of his Presidency to be considered along with the negatives.

Much may depend on the future of Iraq. Should Iraq develop into a stable democracy, Bush’s legacy will surely reap the credit. If it sinks into a quagmire of ethnic and sectarian conflict, he will just as surely bear the brunt of the blame.

Bush’s strong leadership in the aftermath of 9/11 is perhaps balanced by his failure of leadership during Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps his biggest failure, though, has been his philosophy that admitting mistakes is a sign of weakness. On multiple occasions this has prevented him from switching course when needed, until much damage had already been done.

I did not vote for George Bush in 2000; I did vote for him in 2004, mainly on the war issue. But I think that it is time for him to pass from the world stage, and that it will be healthy for Bush’s supporters, detractors, and middle-ground folks like me to turn the page and enter a new era, which if not free of partisan polarization, at least will find some other focus for it.

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Letters to Vladimir

Posted by sanityinjection on August 13, 2008

The best political humor strikes against both sides of the political divide. With that in mind, Kathleen Parker imagines three letters to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin regarding the war in Georgia – from President Bush, Senator Obama, and Senator McCain:

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