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I don’t think Mark McGwire is all that sorry.

Posted by sanityinjection on January 12, 2010

Yesterday the sports world was rocked with the stunning admission by former baseball star Mark McGwire that he did in fact use steroids and human growth hormones during his record-setting career.

That’s sarcasm, of course.  I doubt that anyone who ever saw McGwire in his prime wasn’t already convinced he had used steroids. How else to explain the very sudden increase in his muscle mass – and correspondingly in his home-run hitting –  partway through his career?

I think I might respect McGwire more if he hadn’t fallen all over himself in a paroxysm of false remorse. He even choked up during his press conference, thinking about all the people he’d let down through his behavior. Um, yeah, forgive me, but I’m not buying it.

I’ll hold my breath until I see McGwire returning all the money he made during those drug-tainted seasons and petitioning the league to throw out the records he set. While he’s at it he can reveal all the people who provided him with the drugs so they can be exposed and prevented from continuing their illicit trade. And I’ve no doubt he’ll be contacting the minor league players who never got a chance to make it to the majors while he was cheating his way to the top.

Which is more likely: that McGwire decided to come forward now out of a genuine upwelling of remorse, or because he is about to begin a coaching job with Major League Baseball and knew he would be outed by someone else if he didn’t do it himself? And which is more insulting to baseball fans: that McGwire thought fans were dumb enough to believe him when he lied and said he didn’t use steroids, or that he thinks they’re dumb enough to believe him now when he says he’s sorry?

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