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Don’t be fooled by the idiotic title of this column.

Posted by sanityinjection on June 30, 2008

“Who was more important? Lincoln or Darwin?”

No doubt some moronic Newsweek editor’s attempt to hoodwink his or her more pedestrian audience members into reading what is really an essay on the comparative writing of two major historical figures by making it sound like an ESPN SportsNation poll question. (I’ll spoil it for you: Lincoln wins.)

Stupid hypothetical competitions between dead people aside, the article is full of fascinating tidbits and insights about these two men, born on the same day (February 12, 1809) who have had such a huge influence not only in their own century but in the one that followed as well. Here are just a few:

  • Providing hope for underachievers everywhere, neither man showed any signs of their future greatness as a young adult.
  • Darwin probably could not have succeeded in today’s scientific world (which ironically adulates a modified form of his theory with something like religious fervor) because his ideas were so revolutionary that they would never have attracted grant money or survived the peer review process. Fortunately, he was from a wealthy family.
  • In Lincoln’s second inaugural speech in 1865, he explains to a war-weary nation that as much as we would all like the war to end,  sometimes it is more important to pursue what is right even when that pursuit comes at great cost. (Please don’t make me explain how this is relevant to current events.)

Full article is here:

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