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Donald Trump: Dislike him for the right reasons

Posted by sanityinjection on August 8, 2015

For the second time in recent months, I find myself in the unpleasant position of coming to the defence of Donald Trump. For the record, I dislike Trump, and I think his Presidential candidacy is an absurdity and an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

However, when Trump was pilloried by the media and some of his fellow candidates over his remarks concerning criminal behavior by illegal immigrants coming from Mexico, I felt compelled to rise in his defense. The media inaccurately portrayed Trump as having asserted that Mexican immigrants are all criminals and rapists, when in fact he said nothing of the kind. What he did say – and said again in Thursday’s debate – is that among the illegals surging across our border are criminals and rapists from Mexico and other Latin American countries, and that the Mexican government is deliberately encouraging these criminals to cross the border so that they become America’s problem and not Mexico’s. Is Trump a bigot? Maybe he is, but that is not a bigoted statement. I happen to believe it is an accurate one, and the increasing number of violent criminal arrests in this country of illegal immigrants supports the assertion. However, Trump’s subsequent retweeting of an inappropriate comment about Jeb Bush and his Hispanic wife is not defensible. You do not attack a candidate’s spouse.

Now I am once again forced to defend Trump’s most recent controversial remarks about Fox News personality and debate questioner Megyn Kelly. His phrase about “blood coming out of her, wherever” has been taken by many to be a reference to menstruation, which if true would certainly be an inappropriate and sexist remark. And it has already got him disinvited from the upcoming RedState conservative forum by founder Erick Erickson.

However, Trump insists that once again, his meaning has been misconstrued. He was complaining about Kelly’s apparent eagerness to attack him during the debate, and referred first to “blood coming out of her eyes” as a metaphoric illustration of her intent.

I don’t know how anyone who watched the debate could fail to agree with Trump that Kelly was out to get him. You could see her practically salivating at the prospect of being the person who single-handedly brought down Trump’s campaign. The opening question about pledging not to run as an independent and support the party’s nominee was transparently aimed directly at Trump. Trump’s remark does make sense in that context. Is Trump a sexist? Maybe he is, but I don’t think his remark was a sexist one. Kelly is not the most reputable or professional TV commentator around. One ought to able to criticize the questionable conduct of a female professional without being labeled as sexist.

Frankly, all of this faux outrage is just playing into Trump’s hands. He can now dismiss any criticism of his childishness and buffoonery as “just more political correctness”, because his critics have chosen to focus on specific allegedly offensive comments rather than on his entire demeanor and behavior, which is offensive to everyone.

There’s no need to try to twist Trump’s words around in order to undermine him. His consistent jackassery should be quite sufficient to do that for him. But even a jackass, like a stopped clock, is right twice a day. Trump is right about Mexico, and he’s right about Megyn Kelly.

6 Responses to “Donald Trump: Dislike him for the right reasons”

  1. > which if true would certainly be an inappropriate and sexist remark

    Inappropriate, possibly. (Or possibly not, depending on the woman—I only know of Megyn Kelly from this incident.)

    Sexist, no. (Or else you have to explain your reasoning in more detail.)

    • Trump’s remark would have been sexist if he were making a reference to Kelly menstruating during the debate, because it implies that unlike a male journalist, her professional behavior is governed by her monthly hormonal cycle. Again, I don’t think that’s what Trump was saying here, but given his history of being a loudmouth, it’s not surprising that so many are ready to believe the worst of him.

      • I would be bothered by that conclusion for two reasons:

        1. It could well overstate his (hypothetical) intent.

        2. That women change their behaviour depending on their hormonal cycle is indisputable. This extends to professional interactions. Is it sexist if is true and, if “yes”, would that type of sexism be worthy of criticism?

        In contrast, if he had said something along the lines of “women have no place in public debate, because they are invariably too stupid to understand the issue at hand”, well, that would be an another story entirely.

      • Michael, thanks for your comments. I am not aware of any indisputable evidence that women are unable to control the effect of their hormones on their behavior in a professional setting. Moreover, Kelly’s behavior was more akin to a shark detecting chum in the water than someone suffering from PMS. In any case, this is a wholly hypothetical debate, since my main argument – and Trump’s – is that he was not referring to menstruation at all.

  2. UPDATE: Apparently, not all women are convinced that Trump is a racist or a sexist:

  3. Jonnie said

    After that the cards are dealt and the game remains till there’s a success.

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