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Obama’s Middle East policy encourages America’s enemies

Posted by sanityinjection on March 8, 2010

Great column up by Barry Rubin explaining how the Obama Administration’s limp-wristed pursuit of “more sanctions” against Iran has convinced America’s enemies in the Middle East that we are weak:

I wish that the President would wake up and realize that Russia and China have no realĀ interest in supporting sanctions against Iran, Hezbollah, or any other violent Islamic groups. On the contrary, to them Islamic terrorism within their own borders is a perfect excuse to repress their own people.

The US has had multiple levels of sanctions in place against Iran for 30 years. Sanctions only work if the majority of the world’s economic powers observe them.

How about we get serious? Declare Iran and Syria to be “state sponsors of terrorism” and get all NATO countries to agree to revoke diplomatic immunity so that any Iranian or Syrian diplomat can be arrested on charges of supporting terrorism. Then arrest the entire Iranian and Syrian delegations, put them in jail, then deport them – by slow cargo freighter.


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