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Why the Tea Party movement? It’s the government waste, stupid.

Posted by sanityinjection on February 11, 2010

I have been surprised recently by conversations with some left-leaning acquaintances. Normally fairly astute when it comes to the media, they seem to have swallowed wholesale the media’s caricature of “Tea Party” protesters as radical extremists. Though I have never attended a “Tea Party” protest or participated in any related activities, I have found myself having to defend and explain the Tea Party “movement”. Sure, there are always a few wackos that show up at any protest, but the majority of Tea Party-ers are simply ordinary Americans who are angry that the federal government seems determined to waste as much of their money as humanly possible.

“But the stimulus worked,” say my left-wing friends, “it saved us from another Great Depression.” I disagree, but it’s dificult to prove one way or another.

What is not at all difficult to prove though, is the obvious examples of waste and corruption that the “stimulus” money has been spent on. Consider this insanity: The Polk County, Florida school district received $350,000 in federal stimulus money, which they are using to buy iPods for parents of students with disabilities as prizes for filling out an online survey.

Is anyone going to step forward and seriously defend this as the best use of our tax dollars? I think not. Admittedly, $350,000 is a drop in the bucket of the vast stimulus bill, but you know what? $350K here and $350K there, all over the map, eventually starts to add up to real money.

Doesn’t reading about this kind of waste and excess make you at least *imagine* making some sort of protest? If so, congratulations: You’ve grasped the essence of what the “Tea Party” phenomenon is all about.


3 Responses to “Why the Tea Party movement? It’s the government waste, stupid.”

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  3. Congratulations to Florida State Representative Kelli Stargell (R) who, upon hearing about the iPod nonsense, went straight to the Florida Department of Education, which in turn put a stop to the giveaway:

    Of course the school board is trying to spin this, claiming the iPods were to be loaded with “educational material” for “parent training”. Right, the same parents who have been ignoring you are now going to listen to pedagogy and not P-Diddy on the free iPods you were giving them? “This one was just a well-intentioned method to get parents involved but it just slipped through the cracks.” How the hell does $350K “slip through the cracks”? What else is slipping through the cracks in Polk County? I would not be filled with confidence.

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