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The Obama Administration after one year

Posted by sanityinjection on January 22, 2010

It’s a truism that political columnists and bloggers all tend to write about the same things at the same time. So it is no surprise that with the Obama Administration passing the first anniversary of its inception this week, the op-ed-osphere is full of articles assessing the performance of the President and his team after a full year in office.

Rather than add to the babble, I commend to you Mort Zuckerman’s column in US News and World Report, “The Incredible Deflation of Barack Obama.”  Zuckerman’s writing is notable not for the originality of what he has to say, but for his ability to summarize and present a good comprehensive picture of where the Administration is at and what it has – or has not – accomplished. It’s also extremely well written. His central point is that the President has not only failed to achieve progress in any significant area, but that this failure is heightened by the extremely high expectations he encouraged the American people to have for his Presidency.

Here’s a teaser:

“[Obama’s] gift for inspiration aroused expectations, stoked to unprecedented heights by his own staff, that he would solve the climate crisis on Monday, the jobs crisis on Tuesday, the financial crisis on Wednesday, the education crisis on Thursday, Afghanistan on Friday, Iraq on Saturday, and rest on Sunday.”


One Response to “The Obama Administration after one year”

  1. Time’s Mark Halperin lists five things President Obama could learn from Ronald Reagan that would make his Preisdency more successful and more popular:

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