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Real-life Superman?

Posted by sanityinjection on December 21, 2009

Yes, Nick Harris really is Superman. Not because I think he actually lifted a car off a trapped child – most likely he simply pushed it hard enough to roll the wheel off her – but because he saw someone in danger, and instead of doing what most of us would have done – stood there gaping too surprised to do anything helpful – he took action. He didn’t look around for someone more qualified or ask himself whether the victim was to blame for running in front of a car that was moving. He simply acted:

Do you think that Ashlyn Hough or her family care whether Harris really has super strength or not?


2 Responses to “Real-life Superman?”

  1. Jess Chapman said

    Ashlyn Hough probably does. That’s the best grasp I’d expect a six-year-old girl to have of the situation.

  2. Turtle said

    Knowing that in extreme circumstances certain substances that body creates all on its own can remove the sensation of pain, exhaustion and other negatives that we use to tell ourselves that we should stop doing something, I can actually very much believe that he did indeed lift the car.

    However, I do also believe that the story here is not that he may or may not have lifted the car (he could have just pushed it off/to one side) but yes, that he did it at all. While I firmly believe that I would do the same, when I see people plainly walking past a blind man who is attempting to cross a busy road, I do know that so many people wouldn’t.

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