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And so it begins: If you’re Christian, you must be psychologically disturbed

Posted by sanityinjection on December 17, 2009

I have commented in this space previously about the ongoing war against religious faith generally, and Christian faith in particular, being waged by the Left in this country. Sadly, one of the chief battlegrounds has been our public schools, where the slightest mention or display by a student of anything like a Christian symbol or belief can be labeled “intolerance of diversity” and constitute grounds for discipline.

Worse news, though, is that the next phase of anti-Christianity has now begun. Unsatisfied with labeling Christians as bigots, the new logic goes like this: Belief in Jesus is irrational and therefore evidence of a psychological problem, which should of course be treated with therapy and drugs until the person becomes a happy, well-adjusted atheist.

If you think this is a wild exaggeration, consider the recent case of an 8-year old boy in Taunton, Massachusetts. In response to an instruction by his teacher to draw something that reminded him of the holiday season, the boy drew a stick figure of Christ on the cross. The teacher and the school administration decided that the appropriate reaction to this outrage was to send the child home from school immediately and force him to undergo a psychological evaluation  – which he passed – before allowing him to return.

The teacher apparently became upset because he or she felt the image was violent, being especially disturbed by the child’s drawing Xs where Jesus’ eyes would be (a common way of representing closed eyes.) The teacher claims the boy said he had drawn himself on the cross. You can judge for yourself how alarming and violent the image is here.

Even taking the teacher’s explanation at face value, I fail to see how a rational person would judge this 8 year old  boy to be a danger to himself or his classmates based on this drawing. If the teacher had concerns about the boy’s home situation, surely that did not require such immediate and drastic action. Needless to say, the poor kid does not understand what he did wrong and has been rather traumatized by the whole business. He will be transferring to another school at the request of his parents.

It is difficult to escape the conclusion that it is the teacher rather than the student who should be undergoing a mandatory psychological evaluation. But don’t hold your breath.


4 Responses to “And so it begins: If you’re Christian, you must be psychologically disturbed”

  1. No, that’s a lie. The little boy drew himself on the cross, which is a little disturbing.

    • Did you actually look at the drawing, Ben? If you can tell that that stick figure is a little boy and not Jesus or Regis Philbin, you have amazing powers of perception.

      But let’s say it is a self-portrait. So what? How does that indicate violent tendencies? To me it indicates a simple desire to identify with the key figure of his faith. Where is the necessity to have him immediately sent home?

      Perhaps the teacher needs some “diversity training” in order to be more sensitive to the child’s cultural background.

      • From the article: “Johnson said the teacher became upset when his son said he drew himself on the cross.”

      • Again, so what? Kids draw all kinds of things. If you’re a Christian, you’re taught that Jesus is a role model. An 8-year-old doesn’t have the ability to distinguish which parts of Jesus’ life he is supposed to imitate and which he isn’t. To leap from that to the assumption that the child intends to harm himself or others is, to use the common expression, batshit-crazy.

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