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The war on FOXNews continues

Posted by sanityinjection on December 7, 2009

The latest dispatch from the propaganda war against FOX News: NPR (that bastion of impartial objectivity) has tried to pressure two of its contributors – Mara Liasson and Juan Williams – to stop appearing on FOX News because of its alleged right-wing bias.

The part that made me snort in disbelief was reading that NPR execs asked Liasson to watch FOX News for 30 days to determine if she agreed that it is biased. (She did so, and found nothing different to justify ceasing to appear on its programs.) What’s funny about that is a) I highly doubt if the NPR execs themselves had watched FOX News for 30 days (they’re much too busy earning their taxpayer-funded salaries), and b) if they spent 30 days listening to their own network they might well come up with some concerns about bias.

Of course, NPR insists that this was all completely unrelated to the White House’s war on FOX. Yeah, right, it’s a total random coincidence that NPR chose to raise the issue at the exact same time. How stupid do they think we are?

The concern seems to be that journalists like Liasson and Williams with solid lefty pedigrees help FOX to avoid charges of bias by serving as token opposition. So FOX can’t win either way no matter who they invite to be on their shows. Another, sort of reverse concern is that by appearing on FOX as a counterpart to more right-wing guests, NPR staffers are increasing the perception that NPR is itself a left-wing network. (When asked if they had some right-wing NPR reporters they’d rather send over to guest on FOX, the silence was deafening.)

It shocks me that any journalists, who like to shout about the importance of free speech and how much they do to defend it, would actually try to ostracize a news organization no matter how opinionated they may believe it to be. It should be noted that neither the White House, nor NPR or any of the mainstream media giants ever refused to work with TASS (the Soviet news agency) or any other news agency controlled by a dictatorship and used to spread pro-regime propaganda. One wonders if the zeal in this case has more to do with FOX’s regular pummeling of all other TV news networks in the ratings.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I walk into a  business that has a TV on and turned to a news network, it always seems to be FOX News. Do you think this is because all the business owners are right-wingers? I doubt it. Presumably they stay tuned to FOX because they like the format/pace/content of the broadcast; they can leave it on in the background and get enough diversity in subject matter without having to flip around. Yes, I said diversity – ironic, no?


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