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The death of decorum

Posted by sanityinjection on December 4, 2009

Today’s sad chapter in the breakdown of our society comes to us from the state of Maryland. Dana Hanna was standing at the altar getting married to his fiancee when he reached into his pocket for his mobile phone to update his relationship status on Facebook and send a Tweet. The minister  – the only person other than Hanna who was in on the joke – paused until Hanna was finished, then pronounced the couple man and wife. Apparently the video of the wedding – posted on YouTube, of course – has become a viral hit.

As with anything on the Internet, Hanna’s stunt has drawn both praise and criticism. Responding to critics, Hanna said, “I was having fun at MY wedding!” In fact, this response only makes the point more clear: At this profound moment of his life, Hanna apparently was not thinking about his bride to be, or the friends and family in attendance to share in his special moment. He was thinking about HIMSELF and how many other random people he could get to PAY ATTENTION TO HIM.  In doing so, he displayed no regard for those close to him, including his bride, who later Tweeted, “Can’t sleep, very anxious about this new fame. What will become of it?” Doesn’t bode well for a future of making important decisions together, does it?

Hanna typifies the lust for fame that has become one of our society’s strongest and most widely-held values, not to mention the narcissistic certainty that every little detail of our lives must be endlessly fascinating to everyone else. How did we get to the point where people would rather be widely known for being a jackass than not widely known at all?


One Response to “The death of decorum”

  1. Speedy said

    Right on the nail. A tv cable republic.

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