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Bad move by interim government of Honduras

Posted by sanityinjection on September 28, 2009

If you’re the interim government of Honduras, trying to convince your own citizens and the international community that the removal of the former President was necessary and constitutional because he is a dangerous, mentally unstable Communist and gain their backing for new elections, maybe suspending constitutional civil rights isn’t the best plan:

Up until this point, my sympathies have been entirely with the interim government of Roberto Micheletti. Micheletti, backed by the leaders of Honduras’ legislature, the supreme court, and the military, deposed and replaced former President Maneul Zelaya – a buddy of Venezuelan thug-in-chief Hugo Chavez – as Zelaya was preparing to hold an illegal referendum in defiance of the country’s constitution. The international community, including the Obama Administration, denounced this action as a coup and have demanded Zelaya’s reinstatement. After being exiled from the country, Zelaya managed to sneak back in and is now holed up in the Brazilian embassy, where he has complained he is the target of Israeli mind-control devices. Not exactly helping his cause.

While there remains a significant segment of Hondurans, including some media outlets, that support Zelaya, the majority seemed to support the interim government, and preparations were being made for a new presidential election.  Unfortunately, the government’s response to  a planned protest march of Zelayistas to “bring down the government” was to suspend civil liberties guaranteed in the very constitution they are claiming to uphold, including freedom of assembly, freedom from arrest without a warrant, and freedom of the press. Ironically, in doing so they are playing into the hands of Zelaya, who publicly predicted such restrictions. And whatever inclination the international community may have had to soften its stance will now surely disappear.

Hondurans are thus left with a choice between the Scylla of an unprincipled Communist lunatic or the Charybdis of an unelected authoritarian regime. (If the metaphor eludes you, Wikipedia is your friend and you would never have been allowed to graduate from any decent prep school in the good old days.)


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