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Best way to fight global warming? Don’t get pregnant.

Posted by sanityinjection on September 9, 2009

A new study from the London School of Economics shows that avoiding unwanted pregnancies is a more effective and economical way to fight global warming than various carbon reduction schemes:

“It’s always been obviously [sic] that total emissions depend on the number of emitters as well as their individual emissions – the carbon tonnage can’t shoot down as we want, while the population keeps shooting up.”

Using UN estimates that 40% of all pregnancies worldwide are unplanned, the LSE further estimated that effective family planning would reduce those by about 72%.  The result would be a carbon emissions decrease at a cost of £4/ton ($6.60/ton) versus £19/ton ($31.35/ton) to achieve the same decrease with low-carbon technologies.

Now if global warming is really the catastrophic threat to the earth that Al Gore and his ilk claim, shouldn’t they be pushing for expanded use of contraception and mandatory Chinese-style “one-child” policies? Well, they are already pro-abortion, so I guess they’ve got it covered.

Incidentally, reducing the population would also help combat killer diseases and starvation. It makes good environmental sense just about any way you slice it. But you won’t hear too many “green” advocates promoting it. (There actually are a few who do but they tend to be dismissed as radicals.) Why? Because it’s unpopular to tell voters how many kids they’re allowed to have, especially if they’re Catholic. And also because the Left is only interested in sacrifice if it hurts the corporations they hate so much. Since you can’t blame big business for people having babies, they’re not interested. It’s much more fun to blame everything on the oil companies and consumer capitalism.

I am not seriously suggesting that the US or any developed country embark on a mandatory population control program. But then again, I also don’t think the sky is falling.


One Response to “Best way to fight global warming? Don’t get pregnant.”

  1. ahrcanum said

    LMAO. Swine flu and seasonal flu will kill thousands in predictions. Genetically modified foods, bovine growth hormones and pesticides everywhere. Cancer on the rise, now swine flu. Might as well have sex and make a baby….the sky is falling the sky is falling. not

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