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Here’s a real “Inconvenient Truth”: The sky wasn’t falling in 1970, either.

Posted by sanityinjection on August 10, 2009

Kudos to my friend Jason over at The Western Experience for helping to put the doomsday predictions of the global warming hysteria cult into perspective. He shares with us a number of similar environmental doomsday predictions from the year 1970  that didn’t come true:

It’s not fashionable nowadays to recall that 40 years ago, a number of climate scientists were sure that the Earth was heading for a new Ice Age.


2 Responses to “Here’s a real “Inconvenient Truth”: The sky wasn’t falling in 1970, either.”

  1. And apparently the public is coming to its collective senses:

    I find it particularly telling that global warming didn’t even rank among the top environmental concerns. The environmental issue that is of greatest concern is the same that it has always been – clean water. That’s a concept the average American can understand.

    By the way, this article is a really fine pice of journalism by Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jennifer Robison. Rather than simply report the poll numbers, she breaks them down intelligently and looks at *why* people responded the way they did. In doing so, she allows both global warming believers and skeptics to present their arguments and leaves it up to the reader to draw his/her own conclusions.

    This is what we used to call news reporting – if it seems unusual, it’s because the standards of the profession have fallen to absymal levels. But the depth of Robison’s coverage of the issue is exactly the sort of thing you can’t get from TV or radio news. It’s what newspapers are for.

  2. Jason said

    Thanks for the link, Sanity! It was as fun as it looked!

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