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Big Brother is reading you.

Posted by sanityinjection on August 5, 2009

President Obama’s “Director of New Media”, Macon Phillips (what kind of a name is Macon, anyway?) is asking people to forward to a White House e-mail address any *private* e-mails they receive or websites they see that dare to criticize ObamaCare:

This should be truly chilling to anyone who is in the habit of discussing politics with friends over e-mail.  Better not criticize health care reform or you will end up on a White House list of “disinformers”. Wouldn’t be surprised if that list gets sent over to the IRS Audit Department.

In order to demonstrate both contempt for this attempt to create a network of informants spying on their friends, as well as refusal to be afraid, Sanity Injection intends to report himself to Mr. Phillips with a full list of all my “disinformation” about ObamaCare.

If you’d like to tell the White House and Mr. Phillips what you think about the government policing the opinions of citizens expressed in private emails, you can let them know at


9 Responses to “Big Brother is reading you.”

  1. Here’s the text of the e-mail I sent to the White House:

    Dear Mr. Phillips:

    Here are links to posts on my blog, Sanity Injection, telling the truth about the President’s lame-brained attempt to foist socialized medicine on the American people:

    And here is a link to a post about you, Mr. Phillips:

    I figured I’d turn myself in and save your corps of Stasi informers the trouble. The idea that in America, a White House employee would publicly call for individuals to rat out their friends for statements made in private e-mails is appalling and makes me want to vomit. Your Administration seems bent on turning the USA into Soviet Russia as quickly as possible. Heed my words: You will fail, and you will be viewed with contempt for trying.

    Sanity Injection

  2. Jess Chapman said

    I figure that the reason for this is to get an idea of popular misconceptions about Obamacare and then correct them publicly, not to send anyone to a gulag. Still, it would be so much less Orwellian if Phillips simply encouraged people to e-mail the White House with their own questions about something they found objectionable or confusing about health care reform.

    Apparently Phillips grew up in Alabama, which is right next to Georgia, in which there is a city known as Macon. Maybe that’s the deal.

  3. I am cheered simply knowing that young people still read Orwell.

  4. Jess Chapman said

    We were assigned Animal Farm in our eleventh-grade AP English class. I read 1984 on my own time, but I didn’t like it nearly as much. Anyway, I’ll be giving Phillips the Fail of the Week on Saturday, so watch out for that.

  5. Jason said

    I don’t think Big Brother is a fan of the WE. So I should be pretty safe, right?

  6. Ms. D said

    I would just love to see either Jason or Sanity sitting around in his P.J.s watching WE. That’s a good one!

    Anyway, too much politics for me this month, I am at a loss for words (lucky you, S). You two know too much about it, I think — you are way too smart for our government! (and the WE network!) 🙂

    I’m putting in a request for some entertainment sanity, or sports, or overseas relief. Do you take requests? ha ha

  7. I think by “WE” Jason was referring to his blog, The Western Experience. But I’m sure I have watched something on the WE network at one time or another. No bon-bons, though 🙂

  8. Ms. D said

    NO bon-bons? What’s the point then? Oh, yes, the WE blog. I think I may have heard of it once or twice. 🙂

  9. Update: The White House has terminated the email account:

    Instead, they have decided to combat what they call “disinformation” on health care reform the way they should have in the first place: by doing a better job making their own case rather than seeking to silence dissent.

    Don’t be fooled, however. The spy account wasn’t killed because the Administration had some kind of change of heart about the morality of creating a network of informants. Rather, they were forced to close it because of people like me – and perhaps you – who flooded it with so many “self-flagging” emails that it became utterly useless for its original Stasi purposes. Chalk up one small, but proud victory for freedom of speech and the ordinary American.

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