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Venezuela takes another step toward Soviet-style totalitarianism

Posted by sanityinjection on August 3, 2009

A few months ago I posted about the similarities between Nazi Germany under Hitler and the current regime in Venezuela under its strutting thug of a President, Hugo Chavez. Now comes word that Chavez has taken the next step in his gradual march toward Soviet-style communist totalitarianism: He’s forcing the closure of independent radio stations.

The excuse for the closures is that the stations’ broadcast licenses were not renewed. Of course, his government is the one that refused to renew them on the grounds that the stations had strayed from their mission to “serve the people”, which is code for adhering to the pro-Chavez propaganda line. Chavez’ goal is obvious – he wants to make sure that the only opinion that can be heard in Venezuela is his opinion, and the only facts Venezuelans will have access to are the ones he approves of – or invents.

Maybe Chavez should hire some of the sycophantic toadies at ABCNews to work in his socialist media paradise?


4 Responses to “Venezuela takes another step toward Soviet-style totalitarianism”

  1. I forgot to mention, TV stations are also being targeted by Chavez’ equivalent of the Nazi Brown Shirts:

    Note the cynical “condemnation” by the government that supplied the militants with the tear gas they used. Just like Hitler used to “deplore excesses” after his thugs attacked.

    What is particularly galling is that South American countries have their panties all in a wad about the US establishing a military base in Colombia, but this shit they turn a blind eye to?

    Who represents the greater threat to human freedom, do you think – the US or Venezuela under Chavez? Clearly Colombia isn’t confused – the reason they are comfortable giving all their neighbors the finger to bring in a US military base is simple: They have learned from experience that while their neighbors wring their hands and do nothing – or in the case of Venezuela and Ecuador, actively support armed rebellion in Colombia – the US is the *only country in the world* that has consistently stood by Colombia in its fight against terrorism.

  2. I have to keep posting about this because not a day goes by that Venezuela doesn’t come a step closer to being Soviet Russia. This article talks about the Venezuelan legislature, which is a rubber-stamp body that does whatever Chavez wants, whether it be deposing the elected mayor of Caracas or nationalizing everything from companies to media outlets. The latest outrage? Chavez plans to put the nation’s public schools under the control of his “revolutionary people’s” groups and force them to teach his “Bolivarian Doctrine” to children:

  3. Update: The education “reform” legislation has been passed. Demonstrators who opposed the law were first tear gassed by the authorities and then beaten up by pro-Chavez thugs. Chavez’ government “condemned” the violence and promised an “investigation”, but strangely the same people seem able to perpetrate it over and over again despite the government’s “best efforts”:

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