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Quote of the Week

Posted by sanityinjection on July 29, 2009

“I think we need more adult supervision in Congress.” – Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN), “Blue Dog” Democrat

Cooper’s quote is an open shot at the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives, which he feels has done more to harm the goals of the Obama Administration than to help them.


3 Responses to “Quote of the Week”

  1. thefutureamerican said

    I would much rather have a pair of Blue Dogs as Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader. Pelosi essentially admitted earlier this week that she doesn’t care what Americans think of her, so long as her agenda comes to fruition.

  2. tubby said

    How about this one:

    “We hit it off right from the beginning. When he’s not arresting you, Sergeant Crowley is a really likable guy.”

    – Skip Gates, as quoted in New York Times

    • Which is about the closest thing to admitting he was wrong that you will ever hear from Gates. It’s in Gates’ interest to play nice now – he would prefer that everyone forget he got caught trying to play the race card. At least Crowley’s family got a trip to the White House out of it. We also learned that both Gates and Crowley have better taste in beer than the President – though in fairness, had McCain been President he probably would have ordered an Anheuser-Busch product also.

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