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Communism/socialism vs. America

Posted by sanityinjection on July 17, 2009

This excerpt is from a recent blog by Saturday Night Live alumna (and smoking hot conservative) Victoria Jackson:

“Sonia, an Iranian who lived five years in Russia…said “Did you hear the story about the professor and the classroom?  It explains communism so well.  The professor told the class that after every test,  all the students’ grades would be averaged and all would receive the same grade.  So, after the first test, the A students who studied all night and the F students who partied all night, all received a C.  As the semester went on, the A students quit studying, and all received an F.”…

…At least I got to live at the tail end of a magical place called America.  I’m an eyewitness who can tell my grandchildren about a faraway land of freedom where the people who worked the hardest were rewarded.  And everyone tried to out perform each other and so, everything was top quality.  Houses and cars and pools and food.  They were all the biggest and best in the world.  And people respected God and humbly thanked Him for their blessings.  But gradually, the people started taking their blessings for granted.  They started to expect rewards without working for them. They felt entitled.  Even the strangers who moved into the land felt entitled. No one thanked God.  They even started to mock Him.  Bible studies started to be referred to as “Hate Speech” gatherings.”


2 Responses to “Communism/socialism vs. America”

  1. Foxwood said

    Socialists don’t know they are useful idiots. Lenin said it best, “The goal of socialism is communism.”

  2. Jason said

    Nice find, Sanity. I added it to my latest post, A Progressive America and Soft Despotism. It fit perfectly.

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