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The “Obamagenda”?

Posted by sanityinjection on July 13, 2009

Rex Murphy argues in an opinion piece for Canada’s Globe and Mail that the main initiatives of the Obama Administration so far – massive federal intervention in the economy, nationalization of GM, energy sector regulation and a national health-care system – are not reactions to events but rather were all planned well in advance of the inauguration as part of an agenda to radically transform American government. In other words, the economic crisis is being used as an excuse to ram a sweeping liberal agenda down America’s collective throat.

While I’m not sure that Obama lay dreaming in his bed last fall of having the government run General Motors, I think there’s some truth to this. Even Obama would agree that health care reform and climate change legislation have been long-term goals. Murphy’s point is that if Obama had articulated clearly during the campaign exactly what he would end up doing in these areas, American voters probably would have run screaming in the other direction. It’s a lot easier to vote for “change” when you’re not told exactly what that change is going to mean. But it does make you wonder – What else is on the “Obamagenda” that we don’t know about? After all, the Administration has been very clear about wanting to get its health-care bill passed within the next few months. That suggests they have something planned to come later in the year.

Of course, Obama is hardly the first politician to prefer vague generalities on the campaign trail. It will be a little while before we learn – first with the 2010 Congressional elections and then with the Presidential race in 2012 – whether the voters have developed buyer’s remorse.


One Response to “The “Obamagenda”?”

  1. Stimulus, shmimulus! Newsweek’s Robert Samuelson takes an in-depth look at the stimulus package and explains why it’s not working, what it should have been spent on, and why a second one would be a bad idea:

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