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OBCNews: ABC becomes the Obama Broadcasting Company

Posted by sanityinjection on June 17, 2009

One of the most important differences between a free democracy like the United States and a sham democracy such as Russia is the presence of a vibrant, free and independent media. In Russia, most media outlets are either owned by or controlled behind the scenes by the government. This creates an atmosphere in which free elections are impossible because government opponents are never given equal opportunity to present their views.

In the USA, we have never had a state-controlled media. Even PBS and NPR, which receive some government funding, are wholly independent in terms of their programming. However, that is about to change.

In a step that is without precedent in the modern era, ABCNews plans to turn its entire news operation into a mouthpiece for the Obama White House to use to advocate for the President’s version of health care reform. The plans include anchoring the nightly news from the White House, a one-hour prime time “town hall” with the President in which questions will be stage managed in advance by ABC, and slanted coverage on Good Morning America and Nightline. No opposing viewpoints will be featured.


The Republican National Committee has understandably protested, demanding that the network either offer equal time to the opposition, or require the Democratic National Committee to pay for the airtime as with a campaign commercial. ABCNews has rejected the complaints as unfounded.

This may be a ratings move on ABC’s part, since their ratings are in the toilet and President Obama remains a figure of great interest to many Americans. Regardless of the network’s motivations, however, this level of media sycophancy is dangerously close to what we see in places like Russia, and Venezuela where President Hugo Chavez uses state-run television to harangue his subjects for literally hours on end. ABC simply cannot squirm away from the fact that their plans are designed to promote one side of a political issue that is of major importance to the nation.

Now, if this were a Republican Administration, ABCNews would instead be doing a prime-time special on the firing of  government inspector Gerald Walpin for investigating Obama’s political supporters for misuse of funds.


18 Responses to “OBCNews: ABC becomes the Obama Broadcasting Company”

  1. sanityinjection said

    Update: ABC is so determined to prevent viewers from hearing alternative views that they have rejected a paid advertisement from a conservative health care group during the “Obamathon”.

  2. Sister Benedict said

    Want some conservative news? Read “The New American”. That magazine sounded the alarm about Obama years ago, but many people didn’t listen.

    Why not?

    Because TNA is affiliated with the John Birch Society, an anti-Communist group. JBS has sometimes been described as a group of “right-wing whack-jobs”… but that doesn’t mean that they’re wrong.

    As for ABC, they seem to be forgetting that now that we are all digital rather than analog with our television reception, most folks have cable or satellite. We don’t need to be stuck with ABC or any of the other network ilk if we aren’t happy. We can go elsewhere.

    I hope that people *will* go elsewhere, even if they like President Obama and his policy proposals. It’s the principle of the thing. Real, authentic liberals used to be and now should be skeptical of the government when it tries to befuddle the common citizen.

  3. Ms. D said

    Why do we think the government is trying to befuddle the common citizen? Isn’t it ABC who is presenting slanted news and rejecting counter perspectives? If the current administration is trying a different approach to reach citizens, should we conclude that they are trying to confuse enough us into agreeing with them? Isn’t that a little ‘conspiracy theory’ at work? I just don’t see how that action pinpoints a conclusive motive. Obviously the media coverage is skewed, maybe not for hours on end, but still, it’s the station that should be presenting a less bias format, not the administration, who of course wants to push their agenda, as they all do. It probably is for ratings, because people are interested, they might watch. However, if words are coming from the white house, shouldn’t we, for that reason alone, listen to them, to at least hear what they are saying? I hope people *won’t* flip the cable channel just on the idea alone; although it may be a different era, I don’t imagine many Americans turning the radio during the fireside chats just because it was from the white house and it took place during primetime.

    • Sister Benedict said

      “Conspiracy theory”? Thanks. I’ll try to make a concerted effort not to insult you the way you just insulted me.

      • Sister Benedict, I think Ms. D. was aiming that comment as much at me as at you. But if you’re going to do PR work for the John Birch Society, you can’t very well complain if you get associated with conspiracy theories, since the JBS practically invented the concept. 🙂

      • Ms. D said

        I apologize, absolutely no insult was intended. It was the idea I was questioning, and it wasn’t necessarily aimed at anything other than the sometimes overwhelming viewpoint that the government is out to get us, confuse us, mess us up, take our money, leave us with nothing and get away with it. I guess I am just too much of an optimist to believe that is always the case. I didn’t mean to offend you in any way so I hope sincerely that you will forgive me.

  4. Ms. D – You make a good point, so let me clarify. Whenever the President appears on TV, the White House and the network or networks involved sit down beforehand and negotiate the ground rules. So ABCNews’ decision to not allow opposing viewpoints (even through paid commercials) is the product of those negotiations. It doesn’t matter who actually suggested it – both are to blame, because they both agreed to it.

  5. obcnews said

    There is un-teleseenet but obc. All competing thoughts will not be undestroyed! ++good!

  6. ABCNews’ lips are so glued to Obama’s posterior now that they are even trying to cover up for him getting caught checking out a teenage girl’s butt:

    ABC White House correspondent Jake Tapper must think we’re pretty dumb. Look at the photo – if Obama were merely watching his step as Tapper would have us believe, he’s be looking ahead, not to the side. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a big deal that Obama checked out a tush like any red-blooded male would. But the extent of ABCNews’ sycophancy is disturbing. You get the feeling that if Obama robbed a 7-11, ABCNews would offer to ditch the gun for him.

  7. i-love-things-that-sparkle said

    Did you watch the video though? I think if you do, it’s quite obvious that he is watching the step so he can help the other girl pass down. Clearly a case of a snapshot that appears to be something it’s not. And I’m not an Obama-fanatic, I have no interest in defending him — the video is pretty clear that he is not checking out her rear.

  8. i-love-things-that-sparkle said

    The video is on the link you provided. Just scroll down and click “play.” You will see exactly what the president is doing and that it is actually not what the people who posted the still photograph would like us to believe. Not that it’s a big crime or anything to look, but the way in which they portray him looking is not a sideways glance but a total stare down of her rear. And that’s simply not seen in the video. I think there’s a weird little battle going on between the people who think Obama can do no wrong and those that can’t wait to find him doing so.

  9. OK, I’ve watched the video a few times now, and I have to say, I’m unconvinced. It certainly is true that Obama did help the next young lady behind him down the step. However – having been in a similar position myself once or twice – the normal place to look would be at that next young lady, when taking her hand, THEN down at the step. Obama never looks at the face of the girl he’s helping, which to me suggests that he was in fact checking out the booty of the other girl. And as I said before, I think that is understandable.

    I also think it’s interesting that ABC’s Good Morning America felt the need to air this, again underlining the network’s new role as Obama’s chief apologist. If I am biased against the President, clearly they are biased in his favor.

    So like any good journalist, I’m standing by my story 🙂

    • i-love-things-that-sparkle said

      You are the BEST journalist ever, no doubt. Fox news is calling it “The picture lies.” Are they too Obama apologists? Hmmm, I’m not convinced either! 😉

  10. i-love-things-that-sparkle said

    If he was checking out her rear, why do his eyes never make contact with it? Does he have some kind of super-hero-president-peripheral-vision I don’t know about? Anyway, it is a funny story and keeps the fires going between the two “bias-es.” 🙂

  11. i-love-things-that-sparkle said

    And the French dude is DEFINITELY diggin’ her. But that’s a French dude for you!

  12. […] Chavez should hire some of the sycophantic toadies at ABCNews to work in his socialist media […]

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