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Happy Birthday, Sanity Injection

Posted by sanityinjection on June 6, 2009

Today, Sanity Injection celebrates its first birthday. It was one year ago today that this blog was born. Thanks to everyone who reads and comments here for continuing the discussion.

It’s also the anniversary of D-Day. For once, I think I can rely on major media to cover this event and not screw it up too badly. Even President Obama in his speech  hit on what I consider to be the point that people often forget: D-Day was an amazingly bold attempt to do something nobody thought could be done, and that should have failed.  There were so many things that went wrong – weather delays, ineffective bombing, screwed-up paratroop drops, boats sinking, etc. The fact that even with all that, Allied troops managed to prevail and begin what would become a string of victories leading ultimately to Germany’s surrender, only happened because of incredible bravery, determination, and many lives sacrificed. Most of the American, British, Canadian, and other soldiers who died at Normandy didn’t know any of the French people they gave their lives to liberate.

More importantly, nobody at home began marching against “Roosevelt’s War”, demanding “Peace Now” or asking why American lives were being wasted to save a bunch of foreign people overseas. (Remember it was Japan, not Germany that attacked us.) Were Americans less selfish in those times, or gifted with greater foresight? Or simply less questioning of authority after learning to be dependent on government during the Great Depression? Perhaps all three?


One Response to “Happy Birthday, Sanity Injection”

  1. Ms. D said

    Happy birthday!! I look forward to the next year of sanity!

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