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Former left-wing nutjob acknowledges big mistake

Posted by sanityinjection on May 28, 2009

Sarah Jane Moore admits she was wrong. Her mistake? Trying to kill President Gerald Ford.

Moore tried to shoot Ford in 1975, hoping to spark a violent revolution that bring about sweeping changes in American society. She was sentenced to life in prison. She was paroled at the end of 2007 after 32 years in prison. Now, it’s not hard to imagine that a convict might say whatever the parole board wants to hear in order to get out of prison. But I think her comments have the ring of truth:

“Gradually I began to realize that I had let myself be used….We thought San Francisco was the world, and it wasn’t.”

In other words, what Moore is acknowledging is that after years and years of only hearing one side of the story, she lost touch with the real world. We may say she must have been mentally unbalanced, and perhaps so – but perhaps not. Her action may have seemed like the logical consequence of the incorrect assumptions she’d formed about the world.

If you read closely, what Moore is also saying is that she was duped into left-wing radicalism by people who knew better. Just as some in the media and academia today seek to dupe others by deliberately withholding some facts and twisting others. This is no different than the way racist groups dupe their followers and brainwash them with lies and distortions. Let’s hope the consequences are not as grave as in Moore’s case, either for those who are duped or for those who may become their victims.


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