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Global Warming Conspiracy: Big Business

Posted by sanityinjection on May 21, 2009

Regular readers know that I frequently rail against what I see as a coordinated effort to manufacture a panic over climate change, designed to create jobs and financial and political profits for specific elite groups.

In this vein, Danish climate skeptic Bjorn Lomborg returns with a WSJ column explaining how certain businesses have jumped aboard the “global warming” bandwagon (especially with regard to the Administration’s pending “cap-and-trade” legislation) – not because they are convinced by the science but because they have figured out how they can profit from it:

I am not one to embrace conspiracy theories, but we have seen this pattern too many times before. It began with wars:  as early as the 19th century, certain business interests agitated for war with America’s enemies because they saw opportunities for profit, ultimately leading to what President Eisenhower, a career military man, decried as a “military-industrial complex” whose interests were not necessarily those of the country as a whole. In the 1980s, it was the AIDS “crisis”: we were told that AIDS had become an epidemic among non-drug-using heterosexuals in America, which was patently false, but caused lots of  public and private money to flow to certain research and public health organizations as well as pharmaceutical companies. It’s not a coincidence that the global warming drumbeat got going right about the same time that the AIDS gravy train began to dry up.

It is generally a truism that the more apocalyptic the prediction, and the more vocal the pronouncements of its scientific certainty, the greater the skepticism with which it should be received – especially when you are talking about predictions of a system with the complexity of the earth’s climate over a period of decades. Most of the great scientific discoveries were not advanced by zealots who felt the need to shout down any and all opposition – that is the behavior of someone who is insecure about the validity of their theory.


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