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Is there a full moon or something?

Posted by sanityinjection on May 19, 2009

I never expected to be posting a link to a DailyKos post on this blog, much less one by Markos himself (If there were an election for the position of Antichrist, he’d get my vote.) But then again, it’s not everyday that liberals eat their own. This time ‘Kos’ venom is directed at the New York Times, and I have to say I agree with him. The issue? Times columnist Maureen Dowd got caught plagiarizing a blogger in one of her columns, and instead of reprimanding her, the Times shrugged it off:

‘Kos suggests that Dowd gets a free pass because she is a “star columnist”, but I would go further. At papers such as the Times and its low-rent cousin the Boston Globe, standards of journalism have not simply declined, they’ve disintegrated. None of their reporters or columnists are being held to any sort of standard by the paper (though some few may still hold themselves to one.) The Times’ casual comfort with plagiarism is part and parcel of its transformation from a highly respected reporter of news to a nakedly partisan propaganda machine that carefully skews the truth to support its political goals. New Yorkers, who reflexively believe they have the best of everything because they so rarely are aware of anything outside their megalopolitan cocoon, would be shocked to discover that other left-of-center newspapers such as the Washington Post are so far superior to the Times in virtually every aspect that it’s downright embarrassing.


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