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Is the new film “Angels and Demons” anti-Catholic?

Posted by sanityinjection on May 1, 2009

I hesitated a lot about whether to even write about this. I have not seen the new film (coming out in a couple of weeks), nor have I read the book it’s based on, though I’m familiar with the plot. I did read “The DaVinci Code”, and while it was entertaining enough, it was also a virulent anti-Catholic polemic which deliberately (and falsely) blurred the line between fact and fiction. I resolved at that point to make sure author Dan Brown never got any of my money, not because I am a Catholic, but because I prefer not to fund those who spread hatred through misinformation.

“Angels and Demons” was actually written before “Da Vinci Code”. Its plot summary can easily be found on any number of websites and focuses on a secret conspiracy masterminded by Vatican leaders. Like “Da Vinci Code”, it has now been made into a movie.

Fortunately, while struggling with exactly what tack (if any) to take on this subject, I ran across this column by Andrew Leigh, which I think nicely encapsulates my thoughts:

If you can’t decide whether a movie like this is unfair to Catholics, I suggest you apply a simple test: Mentally replace all the Catholics with Jews and all the priests with rabbis. If the result seems like it could have been the Film of the Month in Hitler’s Germany, then you’ve pretty much got your answer.

Of course there is nothing wrong with having an individual Catholic or Jew as a fictional villain. But when an author seems to go out of his way, repeatedly, to smear one of the world’s major faiths, and distorts facts in order to do so, you have to start to question whether entertainment or something far more unpleasant is really the main goal.

So I will not being seeing “Angels and Demons”. You won’t find me protesting in front of the theaters, because that would just create more publicity. And I don’t believe in censorship. But I would encourage readers to consider this issue before deciding whether or not to see the film.


5 Responses to “Is the new film “Angels and Demons” anti-Catholic?”

  1. Jason said


    Its obvious Brown has an axe to grind. His novels/movies do indeed spread misinformation and rely heavily on people’s historical ignorance and biblical illiteracy. Brown has become a laughing stock to biblical and historical scholars. Of course he isn’t targeting them; in fact, he probably does all he can to avoid them. I’ve heard that many tried to interview him but he never would sit. I believe I’ve posted something in the past on that subject. His movies should come with warning labels or at the least a disclaimer. Unfortunately it doesn’t and that is why a lot of good people had to suffer through coworkers or classmates who finally “received” received the real truth by watching the DaVinci Code.

    I’m not Catholic either but but a load of bull is still a load of bull.

    good post…

  2. theriddlerofthetenthpuppet said

    I already read the book a hundred times before summer starts. All I can is Dan Brown has a natural gift to excite and trouble people through their “ignorance” or weakness, if you may, both in the community and religion as well. For book afficionados like me, the book is a masterpiece. You really shouldn’t read the book if your faith is quite on the edge. But it is not that disturbing compared to his “The Da Vinci Code.”

    I’m a Catholic but the book has no effect in my spiritual status.

    yeah , i agree, good post.

    sorry if my English is terrible. lol

  3. mnchick said

    It is a fiction book right? I don’t understand people’s necessity to claim things as ultimate truth when it is in fact, a story. Angels & Demons is much better written than the Da Vinci code and could make a decent movie. I have no problem seeing the movie and taking it for what it is, entertainment – not gospel truth.

  4. sanityinjection said

    Here is a review from someone who has seen the movie:

  5. sanityinjection said

    And here is another review that praises the movie’s filmmaking while reiterating the concerns I’ve expressed:

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