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Boston Globe defends conservatives???

Posted by sanityinjection on April 27, 2009

This is a red-letter day, folks. The Boston Globe, the only surviving official organ of the Soviet Communist Party, actually has an op-ed today criticizing Homeland Security for their report implying that conservatives and returning veterans are dangerous extremists. “Conservatives have a right to be angry,” says the Globe.  First time this storied paper has ever acknowledged conservatives have any sort of rights.

Of course, given that the Globe is facing an imminent shutdown by its parent company, the New York Times, this could a parting shot  reflecting the real opinion of an op-ed editor who will be out of a job soon. Or it could be a play for support from the Right in the paper’s hour of desperate need, though the idea that conservatives would overlook decades of malice because of one nice column is laughable.

Still, rare events are worthy of notice, whatever their cause may be!


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