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A different perspective on the famous Couric-Palin interview

Posted by sanityinjection on April 10, 2009

Next week CBS anchor Katie Couric will be awarded the Walter Cronkite Award of Excellence in Television Journalism” by the USC Annenberg School for Communication. The main reason for the award is Couric’s now-famous interview with Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Filmmaker John Ziegler thinks this is a travesty of journalism, and in his column he argues that the interview was a hatchet job from the very beginning, deliberately edited to make Palin look bad.  He supports his argument with clips from his own subsequent interview with Palin. Ziegler’s main point is that Couric is being honored not for the excellence of her journalism, but because of the left-wing glee over the effect the interview had in damaging Palin’s credibility and halting the McCain campaign’s rise in the polls.

I should note that to date I have seen neither Couric’s nor Ziegler’s interviews with Palin. So I can’t really opine on this too much, other than to say that I think Ziegler is correct in seeing a political motivation behind the award, at least.


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  1. sanityinjection said

    More on Couric, media bias and how journalists circle the wagons from Andrew Ferguson at the Weekly Standard:

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