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EFCA “Card Check” legislation – Sanity injected.

Posted by sanityinjection on March 30, 2009

Currently before Congress is a controversial bill known as the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), but more popularly known as the “card check” bill. The legislation’s goal is to make it easier for employees to unionize. As you can imagine, this has made it the focus of frenzied lobbying by both unions and corporations.

The most controversial provsion of the bill is the one that has given it its nickname. Instead of voting in a secret ballot on whether to unionize or not, the legislation would allow a union to organize if a sufficient number of employees fill out petition cards in favor of a union. Obviously, this creates the potential for pro-union intimidation since it is easy to see who has signed and who hasn’t. Unions counter that employees are already subject to considerable anti-union intimidation, which other provisions in the bill are designed to address.

With the EFCA bill’s future very much in doubt, the Los Angeles Times weighs in on the question. I am rather in this paper’s debt, because the Times op-ed injects enough sanity into the issue that I need do little beyond providing the link for you to read. Their proposed compromise is simple and reasonable: keep the provisions that stop corporations from intimidating employees who want to unionize, but dump the “card check” provision.

For an ostensibly liberal publication, I increasingly find the LA Times op-ed page to contain a greater than average amount of common sense. And the quality of their reporting is substantially superior to anything printed by their East Coast namesake.


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