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Palestinian suffering caused by Arabs?

Posted by sanityinjection on March 19, 2009

I urge you to read this column from the European edition of the Wall Street Journal. The author, Nonie Darwish, is an Arab who grew up in the Gaza Strip in the 1950s.

The main point of Mrs. Darwish’s article is that much of the suffering of the Palestinian people has been caused rather deliberately by their Arab “brethren” in order to keep pressure on the state of Israel. This is a point that I frequently make when discussing the Palestinian question, but I am rarely believed because the point is almost never made in the mainstream media, where most people get their inofrmation about the Middle East, so of course it must be a wild and unfounded accusation. Perhaps it will be more credible coming from an Arab with no particular reason to love Israel (Mrs. Darwish’s father was assassinated by the Israelis.)

The point here is not that Israel is blameless or has never done anything to exacerbate the situation. The point is that for 30 years the Palestinian question was aggravated and exploited by the Arab nations to further their goal of driving the Jews into the sea, which was their proposed solution to the problem. In doing so, they have actually created the minority population they continue to oppress in their own countries.

My consistent position is that Israel should always be measured against the standards set by its neighbors.  Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is no worse, and in many cases is better, than their treatment at the hands of their fellow Arabs.

One Response to “Palestinian suffering caused by Arabs?”

  1. Jason said

    I happen to share the very same opinion as you, SI. To me it has never been a question and many in academia to a credible job to support it. It is only that they are taken as Israel backers or part of some establishment so the argument isn’t given full support.

    Perhaps when more Arabs come out with the same thesis more recognition will be given to a very real and obvious problem.

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