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Bolivia: Leftist government uses mob violence to silence dissent

Posted by sanityinjection on March 18, 2009

The Associated Press brings word of the latest milestone in South America’s descent toward socalist dictatorships. Most readers by now are at least somewhat familiar with the anti-democratic antics of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez. Less well known among Anglos is the systematic destruction of democracy in Bolivia being overseen by that country’s President, Chavez ally Evo Morales.

Morales began as a rabble-rousing left-wing activist for Native American rights. Like Chavez, he was freely and legitimately elected President of his country. Since that time, he has undertaken a radical program of reform in the name of Bolivia’s poor and minorities, while at the same time constitutional changes designed to cement his control of power and undermine any democratic opposition. Morales’ moves came close to igniting a civil war just a few months ago.

Enter into this picture one Victor Cardenas. Like Morales, Cardenas is an Aymara native and a long-time advocate for native rights – in fact, his accomplishments as a former vice president rival Morales’ in that area. Anyway, Cardenas had the gall to announce publicly that he might consider running against Morales in the Presidential election. As a result, his own native neighbors attacked his wife and son, threw them out of their house and beat them so badly they had to be hospitalized for days. The government of course, condemned the violence but has made no attempt to identify the perpetrators or bring them to justice.

If that sounds like Nazi Germany circa 1938, it should.

Said Cardenas: “They jailed and tortured me during the dictatorships but never did anyone take action against my wife and children.”

O brave new socialist world! That has such people in it as Chavez and Morales, come to save us from the evils of free speech and representative democratic government, those tools of oppression! Who courageously stand by and encourage thugs to beat up women and children!


2 Responses to “Bolivia: Leftist government uses mob violence to silence dissent”

  1. John Rice said

    Crappola–piled high!
    Does ‘sanityinjection’ offer any proof of government complicity in the violence as the title suggests? Not one bit.

    Instead, they serve unsupported claims that democracy in Bolivia is being destroyed by the Morales government–the most popularly-elected government in Bolivian history–and that the government was somehow responsible for the Pando atrocities, as opposed to the murderous USAID-supported opposition.

    Cardenas, despite his lineage, condoned/became an apologist for atrocities committed against the Bolivian people, which is why his own people consider him to be a traitor, and applied community justice against him. His family supports him and benefits from his deeds–why should they not also be included in the community denouncements as the enablers and beneficiaries that they are??

    Would the decision-making war criminals in the USA who decided to wage wars on innocent others be so cavalier in their decisions if they knew that their own families might be negatively affected by those same decisions? I think not.

    Viva Bolivia for ALL Bolivians!


  2. sanityinjection said

    Wow “John”, sounds like you have more than an academic interest in this matter. Good thing you haven’t lost your ability to be objective, huh?

    I’m not going to bother refuting your arguments. You’re condoning violent mob attacks on innocent women and children because they might have benefited economically from their father’s work, and you blacken the English language by referring to that as “community justice”. No sane person is going to take your views seriously. Though Osama bin Laden might appreciate it if you’d give him a call.

    I do, however, appreciate your comment very much, as it serves to correct anyone who may have felt that my illustrations of leftist nutjob thinking were exaggerated.

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