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Will global warming mean stronger hurricanes?

Posted by sanityinjection on March 13, 2009

No. At least, not in the immediate future, according to Ryan Maue, a doctoral candidate at Florida State’s Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies. In fact, according to Maue, global tropical cyclone activity is currently at its lowest point in the last 30 years:

For those who can’t slog through the great mass of scientific data in this article, I direct your attention to the section entitled, “Bottom Line”, in which Maue argues that any impact of global warming on hurricanes is very far from settled science, and if it does exist, would pale in comparison to the effects caused by the regular El Nino cycle. Scientists’ understanding of the relationship between climate change and hurricanes “is nebulous to be charitable,” says Maue. Even Al Gore, he tells us, has dropped the hurricane slide from his PowerPoint presentations on the subject.

The point here is that the global warming panic industry has spent years screaming that global warming will lead to more frequent and powerful hurricanes. Indeed, this was the basis of the disaster movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, a propaganda piece which had a big impact in misinforming  the average citizen’s understanding of the topic. Anyone who dared to challenge this assertion was labeled a crackpot, since Hurricane Katrina and other major storms in the middle of this decade were cited as proof that this matter was “settled science”. Of course, plenty of climatologists continued to denounce the idea as  hype, despite the media’s fervent embrace of it.

The reason I am posting this is that Maue’s data suggests that the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season will be above-average in intensity. If that turns out to be correct, you can be sure that the panic industry will immediately raise the bugaboo of global warming to explain it. But Maue’s work suggests that in fact, that would not be the cause.

The question you should be asking yourself is this: If the global warming panic industry lied to us about hurricanes, why should we not suspect they are lying about other impacts of climate change? Why should we believe them when they tell us this is “settled science” when hundreds of scientists keep telling us it isn’t? 

To my regular readers, if I am starting to sound like a broken record on this subject I apologize, but in my defense, I would have to write multiple posts every day of the year just to begin to counteract the well-funded propaganda coming from the other side. Instead, I’m only posting when I encounter information that is new to me, and I hope to you as well.


One Response to “Will global warming mean stronger hurricanes?”

  1. disinter said

    Continuing a decade-long trend of declining global temperatures, the year 2008 was significantly colder than 2007, and global temperatures for the year were below the average over the past 30 years.

    The global temperature data, reported by NASA satellite-based temperature measurements, refuted predictions 2008 would be one of the warmest on record.

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