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Democrats: Don’t kill D.C. school vouchers

Posted by sanityinjection on March 12, 2009

CNN talking head Roland Martin has a very good piece up imploring President Obama and the Democrats not to kill the school voucher program that allows economically disadvantaged students in Washington D.C. (primarily black) to attend private schools. Martin points out that many of the Democratic politicans who oppose vouchers, including Obama, send their children to private schools.

Like Martin, I am a product of the public schools (though I attended a private college) and a believer in public education. Nevertheless, until cities like D.C. can offer a decent public education, it is not fair to allow a generation of kids to be failed by the public system when alternatives exist. Yet that is precisely what the teachers’ unions would have us do.

Democrats have long claimed to be the champions of underprivileged minorities. Here’s their chance to prove it or be exposed as hypocrites.


2 Responses to “Democrats: Don’t kill D.C. school vouchers”

  1. Amanda Davenport said

    of “a generation” that you refer to, an extremely small percentage would ever have access to a voucher. check out my post at

  2. sanityinjection said

    Amanda, thanks for commenting. I read your post. It seems that you are arguing that if we can’t help everybody we shouldn’t help anybody. That’s not an argument I find persuasive. Example: If a university can’t provide scholarships to every needy student, does that mean they should not provide them to any?

    Looking strictly at Washington, D.C., I think you’ll find that more than a small percentage of parents in that city want to keep the vouchers. Assuming they are not deluded, they must have some reason to believe that the system offers their children a better opportunity.

    Finally, of course, there is the “local control” argument. Shouldn’t the residents of Washington, D.C., not Congress, get to make decisions about the education of their children?

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