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Michael Wilson vs. Michael Moore, Round Two.

Posted by sanityinjection on March 9, 2009

Most of my readers probably know who Michael Moore is, but you might not know who Michael Wilson is. I didn’t either. Wilson is the writer and director of a 2004 documentary called “Michael Moore Hates America”. Actually, the movie is also a spoof of Moore’s own breakthrough movie, “Roger & Me”. In that movie, Moore chases around  a millionaire, then-CEO of General Motors Roger Smith to try to interview him about the harm that GM’s downsizing did to Flint, Michigan, but is unable to get the interview. (In fact, Moore did get to engage in a question and answer session with “Roger” at a GM shareholders meeting, which he chose to leave out of his film.)

Wilson’s movie is much the same, except this time it is Wilson chasing millionaire Michael Moore to interview him about alleged anti-Americanism in his movies. Like in the Moore film, Wilson never gets his interview.

The reason I mention all of this is to set the stage for the link below. Michael Wilson has an outstanding blog post up on Big Hollywood, in which he outlines the major differences between the Michael Moore philosophy and the Michael Wilson philosophy. I heartily commend it to your attention:

One need not be a member of the anti-Moore fan club in order to appreciate the simple logic of Wilson’s points. Wilson bluntly defends himself from charges that he belongs to some sort of right-wing conspiracy, noting that if he were a member, he certainly hasn’t benefited from it.

The good news is that despite their best efforts, the Left has not yet succeeded in wiping out free speech in this country. Which means that Michael Moore can respond in defense of his own point of view.  And if he does, and someone cares to call it to my attention, I will post it on this thread as a comment.


5 Responses to “Michael Wilson vs. Michael Moore, Round Two.”

  1. Sister Benedict said

    The best victory over Michael Moore occurred on an episode of “Family Guy”, where Peter Griffin trounced him.

  2. Sister Benedict said

  3. michael moor is right about america its all about capitlizam!!!!!!!!!!! michael wilson is not a very good writer! And who cares if he dont like america< I DONT! I would love to live in canada!

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