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Viva los Federales!

Posted by sanityinjection on March 3, 2009

In a move that is long overdue, the government of Mexico has finally decided not to allow its citizens to be terrorized by criminal drug gangs any longer. The border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s most violent, has been literally invaded by thousands of Mexican soldiers and federal paramilitary police:

Of course, the problems of drugs and crime go far beyond Juarez and extend nationwide. But you have to start somewhere, and Mexico has chosen a very visible target and one for which they can count on support from the US, which fears spillover of drugs and crime into neighboring El Paso. Gangland Chicago in the 1920s was like child’s play compared to what has been going on in Mexican cities. Juarez was home to 250 gang-related murders in February alone.

If successful, the move will be a huge political boost to Mexican President Felipe Calderon and could be repeated in other cities. Which would be a great relief to the Mexican people and perhaps finally set the stage for the economic development that is long overdue in that country. Mexico is like a native corncob with a thick husk and hard kernels. It has tremendous resources, but crime and corruption stand as barriers preventing the development of those resources. If those issues can be addressed there is no reason why Mexico cannot develop into one of the world’s economic powerhouses in the second half of this century. And America will count itself fortunate indeed to be tied in with Mexico in free trade agreements such as NAFTA.

Another effect of reducing crime in Mexico will be to encourage more illegal immigrants to return home. Without excusing anyone who breaks the law, it is not difficult to sympathize with someone who seeks out a life with greater economic opportunity and greater safety for their family. Once that safety and opportunity are available in Mexico, much of the incentive for coming north will dissipate.


One Response to “Viva los Federales!”

  1. tubby said

    I agree 100%. Parts of Mexico have become a veritable war zone. Check out the 60 Minutes piece from Sunday night on this issue:

    And your immigration comment is enlightened. The likes of Lou Dobbs and Pat Buchanan should temper their anti-immigration rhetoric with your nuanced, bigger-picture perspective.

    On the drug issue, let’s face facts – US demand has basically given the Mexican drug cartels the economic leverage they are currently wielding. I realize cocaine and meth are probably more serious high-stakes crops for the more violent cartels. Also, a good deal of marijuana is grown in this country. If marijuana were legalized in more US communities, the decreased demand would eventually affect the power of the marijuana-dealing cartels. The colossal marijuana consumption in this country has serious economic implications!

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