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Democrats’ Rush Limbaugh strategy

Posted by sanityinjection on March 3, 2009

Wonder why you’ve been hearing so much in political circles lately about Rush Limbaugh? The Chicago Tribune spills the beans that President Obama and the Democrats have a deliberate strategy of painting Limbaugh as the real leader of the GOP:,0,3567977.story

By focusing on the flamboyant and controversial Limbaugh, they are hoping to draw attention away from the more reasonable GOP leaders in Congress. Which ironically is just fine with the attention-loving Limbaugh.

While Limbaugh is certainly popular with the conservative wing of the GOP, it’s important to remember that he is first and foremost an entertainer, and his goal is to generate ratings rather than good government. Limbaugh has never been elected to any office and holds absolutely no role in the Republican Party. In fact, Limbaugh has never hesitated to criticize the GOP and its leadership when he feels it has strayed from its conservative roots.


12 Responses to “Democrats’ Rush Limbaugh strategy”

  1. sanityinjection said

    Howard Kurtz over at the WashPost points out that new GOP Chairman Michael Steele played right into the Democrats’ hands by first criticizing Limbaugh, then reversing himself and kissing Limbaugh’s ass:

  2. tubby said

    From what I’ve seen, Steele is an idiot. What about all this hiphop-ification of the Republican party? Who the hell does he think his audience is?

  3. sanityinjection said

    Tubby- You’ve been watching the Daily Show again, haven’t you?

  4. tubby said

    Ha! Apparently I’m not the only one…

  5. Jason said

    The Democrats have to do something because they know the bottom is about to fall out. It is just a matter of time before they assume full ownership of the collapsing financial industry. With the amount of money they’ve spent they’ve basically purchased it. They are hoping by stirring up the culture wars and stoking partisanship will create enough of a smoke screen to hide the fact they have no answers. For year their only answer was to blame Bush now they have only theirselves to blame. Well, we all know they will no do that.

  6. Tubby said

    First off, Jason, if you are going to pontificate with your own version of partisanship, you might want to use a spellchecker. Looking dumb doesn’t help your cause. Second, I suppose you Republicans have all the answers all the time? Look, I’m not justifying these Democratic party tactics in any way. I think Limbaugh is probably a very smart, educated man who happens to be a very incendiary entertainer, and is a thus good target for those looking for a partisan goat. I think we can all agree we have a shared problem, and it’s in our best interest not to place specific blame right now. I agree with you and SI that putting blame on Rush is pointless and takes attention away from where it should be: on solving the problem. It’s politics as usual and it’s ugly. All I ask is that in this forum, we treat each other as mature adults who understand and want to solve our problems in the most rational way possible. Just because I voted for Obama, I don’t appreciate people telling me I have no answers. If Obama fails, America fails. His plan won’t be perfect, but is any plan? (How are those Bush tax cuts helping out? Where would we be if privatized social security was actually in place? How’s our budget deficit thanks to Mr. Bush? I could go on.) Sorry, these rants tend to get me going. Back to my diplomatic self…

  7. Jason said

    “All I ask is that in this forum, we treat each other as mature adults who understand and want to solve our problems in the most rational way possible.”

    No that is not what you want. You want to do all the talking and insulting when it is convenient for you. I’m supposed to just listen. Sorry doesn’t work that way.

    Tubby, did I hit a nerve? You wanted to insult me because I colored you with my broad sweeping stroke? I don’t consider myself stupid…maybe a little lazy and rushed at times as evident from my typos.

    So who do we blame, Tubby? The stimulus bill that does zero for the economy? Or the Democrats and, yes President Obama, for pushing it through. Yes, we are all in this together, but do you think we should sit back and watch the roof cave in because its not nice to blame our President? And this is coming from an apparent Democrat? You folks are masters at criminalizing the opposition. I’m not doing that. I’m just stating the obvious that the Democrats led by empty suit BHO are making a complete disaster out this crisis by playing political grab bag.

    You shouldn’t take yourself so seriously either. I wasn’t saying that you didn’t have any answers. What would I want an answer from you? What on earth are you going to tell me? But, you are wrong. You did vote for Obama and I’m sure you like most of those who did it was purely based off emotion, the historical aspect, and “the moment.” Thanks. We got a mediocre Senator who can’t even control his own party as evident from this latest Democrat goody package.

    Lastly, you can’t have it your way entirely. Yes there is blame to go around. But, right now Obama is the face. The market has dropped over 1,2000 points since he has been in the seat. He has not delivered and, in fact, has made things needlessly worse. He is turning out to me the Leftist-Socialist anti-business-capitalist that most feared him to be. That is not a plan I support.

    By the way, those Bush tax cuts helped out wonderfully. The Dow Jones was up over 14,000 pts in 2007 before the sub-prime mortgage brought everything down to its knees. Want to know who brought that on? Do a little search and see who held the gun to Freddie and Fannie head and forced them to give loans to minorities and low-income earners.

    You should really stop with the Democrat talking points. You benefitted from the Bush tax cuts especially if you saved and invested. Another thing, have you ever read anything on the recession from ’79 to ’84. There you have two entirely different plans that resulted in entirely different outcomes.

  8. sanityinjection said

    OK, kids, SI values both of your contributions to this forum. Jason, I will say on Tubby’s behalf, although he and I disagree on some issues I have always found him to be intelligent and thoughtful – and I’d say the same of you. I think we can all agree that knee-jerk thinking is bad no matter which side of the political spectrum it’s on.

    Now, here’s more on “Operation Rushbo”, which apparently was cooked up by James Carville and Paul Begala with the approval of the President’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, and has been in the works since last fall:

  9. Jason said

    I hear you SI.

    Except I’m not the one who implied anyone was stupid. He knows he is on a sinking ship called Obama. He just liked it better when it was Bush taking criticism. It really is that simple. I know several people just like that. You can spot them easily. It’s easy. Two months ago everything was simple…It was Bush’s fault. Now, it’s nobody’s fault and we are all in this together as Americans. I think the whole thing is pretty gutless and I don’t mind saying so.

  10. tubby said

    Jason, I didn’t mean to imply you were stupid. I suppose that was my knee-jerk rhetoric kicking in. With regard to your point about the current Democrat-imposed double-standard, I think that’s fair game. Let me offer some defense. First, I don’t think I’m one of these people you know – unlike a lot of folks in the blogosphere, I’m generally not looking to place blame. I believe placing blame is ultimately a counter-productive exercise that gets us no closer to a solution.

    That being said, you are right that many have enjoyed placing blame on Bush in the past, and I won’t deny I’ve been one of those people. Similar to where we were eight years ago, we are in a position where we must defend America from certain hardship. Back then, we faced (and still face) an enemy who threatened our everyday freedoms. Now, we face incredible job loss and a downward-spiraling economy. The key difference I see is that during Bush’s tenure, a grave mistake was made with regard to WMDs based on poor intelligence, ultimately leading us into a war costing us billions of dollars and thousands of lives. I submit that there is much blame to go around (George Tenet, Condi Rice, Dick Cheney), so I won’t sit here and short-sightedly place all the blame on George W. Bush. And while I never *enjoy* placing specific blame, I believe justification for blaming the Bush Administration for an inflated budget deficit can be based on a combination of their tax cuts and the Iraq War policies following 9/11.

    Obama and the Democrats are not immune to similar criticisms, I grant you. As far as Fannie and Freddie, I submit that the myopic Democratic Congressional support these institutions enjoyed resulted in them becoming politically untouchable. Housing is a mess, and a problem that needs careful attention the current Administration doesn’t seem to have time for. Instead of fighting the fire with foreclosure assistance, why not try Robert Samuelson’s idea of an expiring tax credit for prospective homebuyers? I also have concerns about yesterday’s proposed TALF loan assistance program, which effectively legitimizes the historically toxic securitization of mortgage assets. There are no easy solutions, and all we can ask is that our President is listening to all the arguments and has as much information as possible before accepting his Cabinet’s proposals. 12 months from now, if we a depression is upon us, I grant you full permission to blame Obama and his cronies for making the bad calls.

    As for who is to blame for the current mess, I suppose if I had to answer that I’d say politics as usual. The compounded result of Senators and Representatives feeling the need to satisfy their constituencies. A President feeling as though temporary jobs and a foreclosure assistance program are sexier and more politically sustaining than tax credits. (See, sometimes I can even sound like a Republican!)

    Finally, I’d draw attention to SI’s recent advocacy of the line-item veto, which is a genuine step towards reform. Unfortunately its timing doesn’t seem opportune in light of the current legislative agenda.

  11. Jason said

    Spoken like a gent. What you said sounds totally agreeable to me.

  12. sanityinjection said

    Camille Paglia offers a vigorous defense of Rush Limbaugh in her latest column:

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