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Back on Monday

Posted by sanityinjection on February 26, 2009

No new posts here until Monday. I’ve been called to serve on a trial jury, where I will do my best to provide our justice system with a Sanity Injection!


2 Responses to “Back on Monday”

  1. Jason said

    Good Luck! Let us know what it was about!

  2. sanityinjection said

    Well, without going into too much detail…it was an assault case. It should have been a very simple case, but the defense kept trying to introduce evidence that the judge had ruled inadmissable. So there were a lot of objections and what had to have been a record number of sidebar discussions.

    My fellow jurors and I did not have too much difficulty arriving at a verdict of “Not Guilty”. We did not believe that the defendant had any intention of physically striking the complainant.

    It was my first time actually sitting on a jury and it was definitely an educational experience.

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