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Sanity Injection reaches 10,000 hits!

Posted by sanityinjection on February 10, 2009

I’m happy to announce that Sanity Injection has officially reached 10,000 hits today (actually 10,108 as I write), after just about 8 months have passed since I began this project. I’m guessing that’s probably pretty average for a blog of this type. I’d like to thank everybody who’s read Sanity Injection and helped us get to this point.

I think the best part for me has been the comments posted by you, the readers. I’d like to encourage everyone to post comments and share your thoughts and opinions with us. To me, it’s that opportunity for discussion and exchange of ideas that makes the whole enterprise worthwhile.

I’ve also been surprised by which posts seem to be the most popular. Obviously during the election my analyses got a lot of hits, but almost as widely read have been some of my more tangential musings on public sex, NFL coaches, serving alcohol on planes, and Saudi Arabian princesses.

I made a promise to myself when I began SanityInjection that I wasn’t going to pursue it as an ego trip. This blog only has value if you, the readers, find it informative/entertaining/infuriating/whatever. As such, I remain reluctant to be too aggressive about promoting it. So I leave that up to you. If you like SanityInjection, Buzz it up, Digg it, make it, link it on your site. If you like a particular post, or maybe you hate the post but like the comments that followed, e-mail the link to your friends. The more people that read and participate, the more we all learn and enjoy.

For my part, I will try to keep providing new content on a regular basis. While the focus will continue to be mostly on politics, I may add more items on current events, sports, and anything else that seems like it could benefit from an Injection of Sanity 🙂

Thanks again for reading and commenting!


2 Responses to “Sanity Injection reaches 10,000 hits!”

  1. Sister Benedict said


    I, for one, intend to keep reading. Good stuff.

  2. Jason said

    Congrats SI!

    It takes stamina, stubbornness, and discipline to run a blog for a sustained period of time. Good on you for keeping it fresh and fun.

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