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Venezuela = Nazi Germany; Chavez = Hitler

Posted by sanityinjection on February 9, 2009

Yes, I realize these are  audacious statements. But the facts support the conclusion. Venezuela under dictator Hugo Chavez is more like Nazi Germany than any other regime since World War II, with the possible exception of the USSR under Stalin.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that Venezuela resembles the very first years of Nazi Germany in the mid-1930s. Consider:

  • Both regimes claimed to be the protectors of the working class
  • Both regimes nationalized key industries
  • Both allowed the forms of democratic elections to continue while utilizing paramilitary terrorists and secret police to enforce a de facto dictatorship
  • Both regimes actively promoted anti-Semitism
  • Both regimes focused on a foreign power (Russia for Germany, the US for Venezuela) as a scapegoat for the nation’s problems
  • Both regimes deliberately created a cult of personality around their leaders
  • Both regimes sought to destabilize neighboring states and bring to power leaders friendly to their interests

In fact, the only significant difference between Venezuela and Nazi Germany is that, with the exception of some minor squabbling about border lines, Venezuela has not adopted an ideology of expansion at the expense of other South American countries. Also, Venezuela hasn’t started slaughtering people wholesale yet – but neither did Nazi Germany for the first several years.

12 Responses to “Venezuela = Nazi Germany; Chavez = Hitler”

  1. sanityinjection said

    For runner up in the Nazism category, my vote goes to Putin’s Russia. Although Russia scrupulously observes the forms of democracy and freedom of the press, in fact the government controls most of the press and uses the state security services as well as thugs to break up opposition rallies:

    The Russian government has also been accused of paying lip service to combatting anti-Semitism while presiding over a rise in anti-Semitic and xenophobic attacks.

    In both Venezuela and Russia, one senses a deliberate attempt to force the people to choose betwene lawlessness and authoritarianism. This same phenomenon accompanied the consolidation of power under the Nazis after the Reichstag fire.

  2. ulferlingsson said

    Your link to is dead.

  3. I think you are onto something.

    You can add his shout-out “Nation, Socialism, or Death” at rallies.

    Also, Chávez is now indeed using the term Great Colombia (Colombia being the original word for South America). So one of your two “differences” is now gone.

  4. […] Parallellerna med en historisk figur i Europa är så stora att jag nog inte behöver skriva ut hans namn. [Här är en blog post.] […]

  5. Good point. I think the term “Gran Colombia” is part of Chavez’ cult of Simon Bolivar – his dream was to see a united democratic republic in the northern parts of South America. However, coming from Chavez it has sinister echoes of “Greater Germany”.

  6. Miguel said

    im venezuelan and im Angry about how you compare Chavez to Adolph Hitler, Adolh Hitler was National Socialist, chavez is COMMUNIST . compare chavez to Stalin,mao,fidel castro or other Communist Murder. chavez is the opposive of Nationalism, he hates his own country, he works for the International Communism ,all the money he spends on other communist factions,armys,etc.. but here n venezuela theres no job,hospitals in putrid conditions,roads and buildings deteriorated.




  7. Miguel – I understand the distinction you are making. I would argue that although Hitler was right-wing and Stalin/Chavez are left wing, the similarities are greater than the differences.

  8. Also, Miguel, Hitler was a Socialist by confession. His program was to nationalize, but for economical pragmatic reasons he did the opposite. See

  9. JRC said

    I find it important not to jump to conclusions of people being “Nazis,”let’s try to understand Ideological diferences instead of merely comparing external simmilarities.I’m a Eugenist&find it moronic that almost everyone I’ve ever told I believe in the genetic reality of Eugenics to states “that’s Nazism,”both Eugenics&National socialism are far more complex&can’t be lumped together.That’d be like saying Liberalism&Conservitism are the same thing because both claim to want what’s best for humanity.this lumping together of ideologies is simply unhealthy&dosen’t help us take care of the Communist threats from south&Central America only a unified US Republic w/strong values can&we won’t get there w/sweeping generalizations.

  10. Sin duda lo que has dicho me ha sido de utilidad.
    Aunque tengo que decir que ciertos artículos distinto no me convenció tanto, lo
    de hoy me ha interesado bastante.
    A seguir así! 😉

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