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Here are the keys to the car, Princess

Posted by sanityinjection on February 9, 2009

Saudi Princess Amira al-Taweel has come out in favor of changing the kingdom’s laws to allow women to drive cars. al-Taweel is the latest in a series of royal Saudi princesses who have advocated this reform, although she carefully chooses passive language to avoid stepping out of the shadow of her husband (who also supports the reform.)

As the princess’ remarks reveal, the driving ban effectively acts to discriminate against poorer women. Wealthy wives such as al-Taweel can learn to drive on their private estates and can drive cars on their visits abroad, while poorer women never have the opportunity to learn. A woman faced with an emergency situation such as a critically ill husband cannot legally drive him to a hospital without fear of being pulled over by the authorities.

While Saudi authorities have always justified the ban based on the need to preserve morality in the kingdom, most Muslim countries do not have similar bans.

Here is a photo of Princess Amira:

To quote the Beatles: Baby, you can drive my car!


One Response to “Here are the keys to the car, Princess”

  1. Jason said

    “To quote the Beatles: Baby, you can drive my car!”

    No kidding!

    This law is a bit ridiculous even for Islamic dominated countries. I think eventually they will have to cave to pressure on this one.

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