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Global warming hysteria remains out of control

Posted by sanityinjection on February 9, 2009

The global warming panic industry is a little bit like a stampede of animals. Once it gets going, it just rushes headlong forward, with no ability to re-assess or examine new scientific evidence, such as the confirmed cooling trend that has been observed in recent years.

I submit for your consideration two recent “news” articles. The first is from that shining example of quality journalism, the Boston Globe:

Globe “correspondent” Emily Anthes presents us with a remarkable example of cognitive dissonance – which is when you know one thing to be true but continue to behave as if it weren’t. She cites the sad example of the Australian kid who was so panicked about global warming that he refused to drink water. Now, a normal person would conclude that the poor kid was driven to hysteria by a relentless avalanche of media hype about global warming. Instead, Anthes actually argues that global warming itself is to blame, and suggests that the way to combat such psychoses is to all band together and work harder to fight global warming.

Are you kidding me?

Article number two is Agence-France-Press’ take on the wildfires raging in Victoria, Australia:

AFP manages to avoid saying that global warming *caused* the fires, which we are now learning may have been set deliberately. But the focus of the article is the insistence that global warming is making the fires worse than they normally would have been. This amazing assertion, supported by statements from panic industry professionals, comes despite facts stated right in the article: 1) Australia has a long history of really bad bushfires that are natural for the type of climate and flora that prevail there; 2) The assertion that the fires were worse than usual because of the government’s failure to properly manage the forest.

The article also says that Australia recently had a “once-in-a-century” heatwave that contributed to the extent of the fires. Well, if it’s only happened once in a century, it can’t be laid at the door of global warming. Especially since world temperatures have been *cooling* for the last several years.

The article then tells us that the number of high-risk bushfire days in Australia could *double* by 2050 – under a worst-case global warming scenario – then cites Greenpeace as if it were some sort of scientific authority on climate change.

Seems to me that the Australian bushfires aren’t burning nearly as out of control as global warming hysteria.


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