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I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Posted by sanityinjection on January 7, 2009

That’s the only possible response to New York Times’ columnist Maureen Dowd’s sickening ass-kissing of Caroline Kennedy. Dowd is scurrying to remedy her mistake of being on vacation when Kennedy was floating trial balloons for her Senate ambition, but she has missed the boat. There’s already been enough disenchantment with Kennedy among Democrats that New York’s Governor is unlikely to hand her the seat. He will probably choose a veteran oldster who won’t seek to run when the term expires and let Kennedy, Cuomo, and whoever else slug it out at the ballot box. Indeed, that’s what he should do.

Dowd is awash in the classic liberal nostalgia for all things Kennedy – which is funny, since the Kennedys of the 1960s weren’t really liberals at all. Dowd insists that Kennedy deserves to sit in the Senate because of her “magic capital”, which consists of having a father and uncle who were assassinated.  But even she seems to sense that this is a pathetic argument, so she moves to argument number two, which is that she, Maureen Dowd, knows Caroline Kennedy personally, which ought to be enough reason for everyone to support her. Finally, she moves to argument three, where she points out that rampant nepotism is hardly rare in the federal legislature, as if that’s a good thing.

She concludes by writing, “It’s not what your name is. It’s what you do with it.” Yet she can’t seem to tell us what exactly Caroline Kennedy has done with hers.

Perhaps the Times should consider whether there might be some connection between the unrepentant arrogant elitism of columnists like Dowd and the paper’s plummeting readership.


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